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Nurture 1 area of your life

It's been a long week of business meetings, powerpoint presentation editing, online workshops and even a few uncomfortable hours in a dentist's chair! It's weeks like these when I feel truly grateful for the Thursday night sessions with the EWC community where I can relax, receive support and have fun. This past week, using the Wellness Wheel tool, we focused on uncovering what area of life is in season for us to nurture and grow for the next 3 months. It's different for everyone and changes throughout the year, but allows me to focus where I should be spending my time. We use this in the EWC Membership as a guiding force to help our members set personal intentions for the season. Many midlife women who come to me through clinic or my workshops, find themselves confused, lost and not knowing where to start. Start here.

Although there are many other tools & resources that are part of the Wellness Wheel Workshop for our members—I want you to have this tool.

Take a look at it—does any one area stand out to you? What area do you feel pulled towards? What area of life are you yearning to focus on and up-level? Let me know what area of your life you are yearning to nurture. And if you need guidance & next steps, I invite you to join our circle of women—let's do this together!


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