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Burnout to Balance, Beauty & Bliss

What if you could fulfill your commitments, rise to challenges, gain momentum on your goals


 find presence in the pauses,

 create magic in the moments,

and gently guide your nervous system to a

beautiful baseline of calm, despite the chaos?


Would you do it?


I’ve often wondered about changing the structure of the Empowered Women’s Circle (EWC) and I remain in conversation with co-leaders about the best way to serve women in community. This past month has confirmed the ebb and flow of life and the importance of allowing life to enjoy those natural rhythms.


We had such deeply connecting family experiences over spring break that I am still reveling at the gift of life itself. The news and announcements that I am sharing in this newsletter were inspired by long sunrise walks on the beach with Jeremy and our family. It's through these rejuvenating experiences that new ideas emerge and energy returns.

Pictures in newsletter: 1. Hansen family with a model of the Orion capsule that Jeremy and crew mates will fly on in 2025. 2. Catherine & Jeremy viewing launchpad 39B where Artemis II will start it's mission, carrying 4 humans destined for the moon for the first time in over 50 years; 3. Observing a nighttime launch of a Space X vehicle from Cape Canaveral, Florida; 4. Catherine with her Mom at the same spring break resort they have visited annually for 40 years!

As we turn our attention to the spring/summer season, we carry with us all the learning experiences from the past few months including our vacation and multiple firsts for our EWC leadership team.


We are cherishing the conversations about purpose and empowerment that we have had with so many diverse and amazing women in Q1.  


Lisa and I have been busy with booked speaking, corporate workshops, 1:1 coaching and life in general. We’ve enjoyed many and deep conversations with women from all walks of life, including a small group of middle eastern women I facilitate monthly in our “Orbis Connection & Conversation Circles


And we have noticed that women are continuing to live and function at an accelerated and accelerating pace, all over the world. 


The planet has not slowed down post-pandemic, in fact, most things are moving faster than ever before and women are feeling the G-forces more than men.


But women are human and humans need rest and recovery.


As a population, burnout is becoming an epidemic. Add to that the mental health crisis and rising suicide rates and it's evident that we cannot keep barreling down the track like a locomotive.


Humans are suffering and something has to shift.


Conscious, mindful women in our circles are noticing that old practices aren’t working anymore. Women are asking for greater and greater support and new strategies. They are looking for ways to integrate proven practices into their rapidly moving lives.


The verdict is in – we can try to keep up, push through and “get ‘er done” which has been working for most of us or we can slow down and let some balls bounce (or splat like some of mine have lately).


I’m here to propose that there’s another way; a middle ground; a third option.

For our leadership team, that shift involves not just WHAT we are doing in Circle but WHEN and HOW.

The summer schedule is responding to the needs of so many by moving into a lunchtime option (view the full schedule here). We are excited about what this will open up for the professional women who have asked for this shift.

Women have told us that they want to connect when they are fresh, alert and feeling creative, in the daytime. Most women recognize our gatherings as the most important and soul-nurturing part of their week. We are shaking things up and you are welcome to join us! All session recordings are shared confidentially within our community for those who cannot attend live and we get to know each other personally within in our private, distraction-free community space.


What if you could continue fulfilling your commitments, rising to challenges, gaining momentum on your goals AND find presence in the pauses, create magic in the moments and gently guide your nervous system to a beautiful baseline of calm, despite the chaos?

We whole-heartedly believe that you CAN!


The Empowered Women's Circle is not more to do,

it’s a way to live life differently.

Women in our community inspire each other to be more on-purpose, intentional and mindful. EWC equips you to DO and BE all you aspire to, WHILE immersed in joy and self-love.


By sinking into your soma, honouring your body, allowing the ebbs and flows of your natural rhythms, life becomes your own. Unique to you. A personal journey that only you can traverse - but you don’t have to hike the hills alone.


As we trek together, actions and decisions become more aligned with purpose. Tasks and to-dos are not just busy work but, instead, rooted in values and tapping strengths.

The day-to-day goes from survival mode to

gratitude-infused productivity interspersed with play (yes, play!)


Believe me when I tell you that there is another way!


This summer will integrate tiny tastes of love and sensual self-care into your day.


It only takes a second to say, “I love you”.


It only takes a minute to take 3 deep breaths that oxygenate and heal your cells.


It only takes a moment of awareness to bring your nervous system back to baseline from anxiety to assurance.


But if it were that easy, why aren’t we all doing it regularly?


Because, left to our own devices, we prioritize others over ourselves. We are programmed to get sh*t done because our life has become a habitual treadmill of pleasing other people.

We think we can push through one more task - and usually we can.

We are woman – hear us roar!

We put everyone else’s needs over our own.

We measure our worth by accomplishment and external acceptance or success.


This summer will level the playing field and change your life.

I promise.

Because I need my life to change too


we will do this together!


Through awareness, credible content, courageous conversations, and loving support, we will map the way back to a continent of contentment waiting to be inhabited.


Home is where the heart is. It’s time to come home.

Join us for a reason, come for a season, stay for a lifetime. We have been meeting women where they are and sharing support for over 7 years and this summer promises to be brand new. Life has never been quite like it is now and extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

A Summer of Vitality:

Shift Burnout to Balance, Beauty and Bliss.

A lively 8 session journey designed to understand burnout,

empower agency and

settle into sensuous serenity


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