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From Bowie to Hadfield to EWC

Welcome Emm Gryner!

We have some important and exciting news to share!!

The Empowered Women's Circle has a new co-facilitator and she promises to mix it up, rock-star style!

Emm Gryner will be joining us and her timing couldn't be better.

Emm is a best-selling author of “The Healing Power of Singing” - a book I've chosen as my sunshine-summer-hammock book and it's already captured my attention and changed the way I breathe (literally).

She is a ​​coach certified by the International Coach Federation and passionate about the power of the voice as a tool for healing. I've started to notice that mid-life is affecting my voice and, after a long clinic day, I find myself hoarse. I'm hoping to learn more about this, overused and often forgotten, avenue to communication and connection from Emm this summer. Of all the body's energy centers (chakras), I've had the greatest challenging understanding how to "unblock" my throat chakra and I sometimes carry around a blue crystal to remind me to use my voice with more confidence (I bet you wouldn't have guessed that about me, right?)

​​As an award-winning recording artist she has toured with David Bowie, taken stage with Def Leopard and plays guitar with Commander Chris Hadfield. Another little-known fact about me, I belt out "pour some sugar on me" regularly when I'm home alone:)

My fav Emm song, so far, is "Queen"- picture me singing loudly as I drive Ontario backroads. And I love the video for "So Easy" with Chris Hadfield filmed at his cottage, a serene location that I've visited often with my family.

Emm is a powerful advocate for women's health and mental health and, the best part, she's become a friend and powerful ally with the Empowered Women's Circle. 

Quite honestly, she's a bit of a fairy godmother for Lisa and me as our lives are becoming beautifully full of our heart-centered work guiding women to recenter, realign and reclaim their one precious life - we couldn't do this season without her!

It is with a deep gratitude and an elevated, energized sense of possibility, that I welcome Emm Gryner to leadership with EWC.

Connect with Emm at EWC and on her Webpage and get her book to read on your porch this summer.

And I highly recommended following her fun, footloose and fancy-free stories on Instagram - they inspire me to be more "me" and you'll love them!

If you'd like to get to know all of us better, renew your relationship with yourself and gather with a sisterhood of change-makers - join us this summer!

Burnout to Bliss

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