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Curating circles for organizations

dedicated to championing professional women

We build and host customized online learning and community platforms for organizations to support female employees in their health & wellness, growth & development and contribution to the communities they work & live in.


If you're looking to support

a small business or entrepreneurial team,

the female sector of your organization,

or expand your EAP platform and build a culture of:

- retention,

- employee engagement,

- growth & development for emerging leaders


Empowered Women Circles may be the solution you're looking for!


"Workers are now reevaluating what matters most to them in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting employers to focus on the well-being and personal satisfaction of their employees. Companies are adjusting their policies to ensure that employees feel cared about as human beings, not just as workers, making flexible work arrangements permanent, investing in wellness programs, and boosting their diversity and inclusion efforts. Employers and employees are building a new, more dynamic relationship based on trust and empathy."


Linkedin 2022 Global Talent Trends

Percentage of professionals selecting these as top priorities when picking a new job:

Work-life balance

Compensation & benefits

Colleagues & culture




Percentage of respondents selecting these as top areas to invest in to improve company culture:




Approximately 48% of the global workforce are women and by 2026, women overall will add approximately 6 million new workers to the U.S. workforce and of those—60.5% of them will be over the age of 55. Menopause productivity loss tops 150 billion dollars per year globally. Symptoms start at the age of 45-55, the same time that women are coming to peak of their professional careers—they occupy senior level positions, are grooming the next generation of leaders in your company, are role models to younger women, and are contributing skillsets unique to this demographic of women such as emotional leadership.


At the same time, they are navigating:

biological changes associated with menopause

challenges such as caring for aging parents or marital dissolution

sexism compounded by ageism in the workplace

the isolation of being a woman in leadership

and added pressures due to COVID-19


This is a pivotal time in the trajectory of a woman’s career, the business contributions she makes, and to the people she serves, leads and influences. With tools and coaching you have an opportunity to support women at this stage of life and help them to reset & reclaim their resilience & capacity and reconnect with a sense of purpose so that they can continue to add value and thrive as high level contributors in your organization. We believe that companies can be drivers of transformative cultural change for these women in the workplace—we invite you to join the growing movement.

Imagine giving your employees access to

a life coach, physician, mind-body wellness experts,

and a sisterhood of women as their personal support team.


Expertly curated content translates evidence-based medical & neuro-science, as well as emotional intelligence & positive psychology, into tangible lifestyle programs that meet women where they are.


With trained, skilled coaches & facilitators, they dialogue, role model, mentor and draw out the best in each other, leading to more purposeful, confident, intentional living both professionally and personally.

2 Women in white shirts.jpeg

Women bear twice the burden of sponsoring and mentoring as men—part of a larger trend of women demonstrating more emotional leadership.

Women’s Circles can ease the burdens associated with burnout, provide holistic support to female employees and leaders, help build health and self-care practices and strengthen emotional intelligence, emotional discernment and decision-making.

This helps women develop their innate EQ that helps them build trust, collaboration and engagement across your organization.


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Two business women talking sales on a sofa with laptop_edited.jpg

Guidance is grounded in science and links body-mind programming to ensure positive behavior change in all aspects of health including diet, sleep  exercise, stress management and the integration of wellness habits that aim to enrich and deepen a woman’s relationship with self, others and life itself.  

Key Growth Areas Featured in Our Circles:

  • Health

  • Wellbeing

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Mindset

  • Personal Leadership


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Women at Fancy Lunch

When organizational Circles are formed, a powerful sense of community has the potential to up-level its members, heal divisiveness and foster greater diversity within that organization.


With inclusion comes a willingness to contribute more and unite for the sake of the team.


There is potential to develop closer working relationships with greater sense of loyalty, self-responsibility and shared workload.

Learn more here.


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A group of women at a business meeting

The EWC was founded in 2017 after a conversation with Catherine's husband highlighted the essential role that women play as the rock and foundation upon which families, communities, corporate teams and a more humane world are built. 


Our women’s Circles are only facilitated by professional and certified coaches or subject matter experts, who deliver a personal learning  developmental experience. The EWC has it's own exclusive online community it focuses primarily on being a supportive and educational community.

Learn more here.


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The Virtual Circle is one of the most cost-effective organizational options for training and development, allowing women the flexibility to participate based on their personal schedules and availability, offering an environment of psychological safety and personal coaching and development, not common in typical learning environments.




When women are supported and empowered, their teams thrive. By providing a program that addresses their unique challenges, organizations can cultivate an environment where all team members can contribute their best, resulting in increased productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

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Coworkers high fiving.jpeg

Investing in the professional development of women sends a powerful message about inclusivity and gender equality. This fosters a more positive and inclusive workplace culture, leading to higher employee satisfaction, reduced turnover, and a stronger employer brand.

Empowered women bring fresh perspectives, diverse insights, and innovative ideas to the table. By encouraging women to step into their genius and providing them with a supportive community, organizations can tap into this wellspring of creativity and unlock new possibilities for growth and success.

Diverse Business Women.jpg

Women often face unique challenges that can lead to burnout or feelings of being undervalued. By investing in their personal & professional growth, organizations demonstrate a commitment to their success and well-being, increasing the likelihood of retaining top female talent and reducing the cost of turnover.




4 HOURS HALF DAY $10,000

Ready to Unleash Greatness?

  • How do Empowered Women Circles support health and wellness in the workplace?
    Our customized online learning and community platforms provide evidence-based medical and neuro-science insights, fostering healthier lifestyles among female employees.
  • What makes Empowered Women Circles effective in fostering employee engagement?
    Through expertly curated content and skilled facilitators, our circles promote dialogue, role modeling, and mentorship, creating a culture of engagement and collaboration within organizations.
  • How does participation in Empowered Women Circles contribute to professional growth and development?
    By drawing on positive psychology and emotional intelligence, our programs empower women to lead more purposeful and intentional lives, both personally and professionally.
  • Can Empowered Women Circles be tailored to meet the specific needs of different organizations?
    Yes, we customize our programs to align with the unique goals and objectives of each organization, whether it's supporting small business teams, fostering female leadership, or expanding EAP platforms.
  • What role do trained coaches and facilitators play in Empowered Women Circles?
    Our skilled coaches and facilitators guide participants through discussions, mentorship opportunities, and skill-building exercises, ensuring a supportive and enriching experience for all members.
  • How do Empowered Women Circles contribute to employee retention?
    By providing a supportive community and opportunities for personal and professional growth, our circles help cultivate a sense of belonging and fulfillment among employees, leading to higher retention rates.
  • What are the key benefits of incorporating Empowered Women Circles into corporate wellness programs?
    Our circles promote holistic well-being, boost morale, and foster a culture of inclusivity and support within organizations, ultimately enhancing overall employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • How can organizations integrate Empowered Women Circles into their existing employee development initiatives?
    We work closely with organizations to seamlessly integrate our programs into their existing frameworks, offering flexible solutions that align with their strategic objectives and priorities.
  • How does Catherine help reignite relationships through her coaching?
    Catherine's coaching goes beyond surface-level advice, delving into the core dynamics of relationships. Through insightful sessions and practical exercises, she helps couples reconnect, communicate effectively, and reignite the passion in their relationship, fostering deeper intimacy and understanding.
  • Can Catherine's coaching address specific wellness concerns across body, mind, and soul?
    Absolutely! Catherine's holistic approach to wellness encompasses all aspects of your being. Whether you're seeking physical vitality, mental clarity, or spiritual alignment, her coaching provides personalized guidance and support to help you achieve balance and well-being in every area of your life.
  • How does Catherine's 1:1 coaching approach make menopause meaningful?
    Catherine's coaching dives deep into the nuances of menopause, helping you navigate this transformative phase with grace and purpose. Through personalized sessions and tailored strategies, you'll uncover the hidden opportunities within menopause to thrive and find fulfillment.
  • What can I expect from the introductory 90-minute session?
    During the introductory session, Catherine takes the time to understand your unique goals, challenges, and aspirations. Together, you'll develop a comprehensive "big picture" plan that sets the foundation for your coaching journey, ensuring alignment with your vision and objectives.
  • How are the 10 personalized 1-hour sessions structured over 3 months?
    The 10 sessions are carefully tailored to address your specific needs and priorities. Spread out over three months, these sessions provide ample time for deep exploration, goal setting, and progress tracking, ensuring sustained momentum and growth throughout your coaching experience.
  • How do the bi-weekly reflection exercises enhance the coaching experience?
    The bi-weekly reflection exercises provide valuable opportunities for introspection, self-discovery, and growth. Guided by Catherine's prompts and insights, you'll deepen your understanding, gain new perspectives, and make meaningful progress towards your goals between coaching sessions.
  • What tangible results can I expect from Catherine's coaching?
    Catherine's coaching is focused on delivering tangible, real-world results that positively impact your life. Whether it's finding purpose in menopause, achieving holistic wellness, or revitalizing your relationship, her approach is designed to empower you to create lasting change and fulfillment.
  • Are the Online Courses self-paced or structured with set timelines?
    The courses were originally delivered live, with students completing the 6 modules over a 6-week period. The course is now available in a more flexible self-paced version so students can consume at their own pace. The self-paced nature will allow you to complete the course at your own pace, but you should expect to invest time over many weeks to have the lasting and deep impact your heart truly desires.
  • Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the Online Courses?
    Yes, a true desire to create positive change with lasting effects! This course is for people, who want help, to create real and lasting change and are willing to put in the work needed to help themselves!
  • What format does the course content come in (videos, text, worksheets, etc.)?
    The course is primarily delivered in video format with Catherine sharing the content along with supporting downloadable documents and other resource suggestions and options.
  • Will I have access to the course content after completing it?
    Yes, you will be able to return back to the course and review the material at your convenience.
  • How is the course delivered (online platform, email, etc.)?
    The course is delivered over an online platform. You’ll be able to watch the videos on a computer, tablet, or phone anywhere you have access to the internet.
  • Can I interact with the instructor or other participants during the course?
    Yes, the EWC or Empowered Women's Circle Community provides access to Catherine and other like-minded women co-creating positive change in their lives as well as in the world!
  • Is there a refund policy if I'm not satisfied with the course?
    Yes, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the course, just contact us at:
  • What are the benefits of The Empowered Woman’s Circle Membership?
    In short, a supportive community! The Empowered Women’s Circle is a community of supportive women where there are no expectations or demands of you. Just show up and see where it leads. We meet, live, twice a month we also support one another in other ways throughout the month.
  • How often does The Empowered Woman’s Circle meet?
    The Empowered Woman’s Circle meet twice a month online.
  • What is the purpose of the Online Gatherings?
    The bi-weekly gatherings are meant to ground you, relieve stress, and educate you while supporting you in the accomplishment of creating the life you truly want for yourself!
  • Is there a community or forum where Empowered Woman’s Circle Members can interact with each other?
    Yes, there is an online forum for Empowered Woman’s Circle Members so we can support each other.
  • Is there a fee associated with the Empowered Woman’s Circle Membership, and how is it billed (monthly, annually, etc.)?
    Yes, this is a monthly fee of $49 (USD) to be a member of the community and the membership is billed monthly.
  • What is the process for accessing Empowered Woman’s Circle benefits after enrollment?
    After you are enrolled in membership, you will be prompted to create an EWC account where you can easily access all the Empowered Woman’s Circle resources.
  • How long does membership to The Empowered Woman’s Circle last?
    It depends on your needs, the reason I created The Empowered Woman’s Circle was to guide and support woman through my online courses or in-person workshops. The Empowered Woman’s Circle has evolved to become a community, a safe and supportive space, for all women to join for as long as they feel they need the support of the community.
  • Can I cancel my Empowered Woman’s Circle Membership at any time?
    Yes, you can cancel anytime, but we hope you find value in the supportive environment and that it becomes a forever part of your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

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