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4 skill sets that identify you as a leader

How would you describe a leader? Most of us have this image in our head of what a leader looks like—a tall, corporate C-suite office manager (probably a man) in a suit with a domineering expression that makes workers jumpy when he walks into a room. In her 5 minute interview with Jimmy Fallon, Brené Brown challenges us to re-imagine this image and to consider that everyone can be a leader. Including you! It's not about what you look like, what position you hold or who your parents are, or even if you consider yourself a leader.

A 10 year study with research participants from various backgrounds (from service men & women to NGO workers) revealed that the future of leadership lies with braver leaders and comes down to 4 skillsets:

  1. The ability to be vulnerable - leaders don't run from hard conversations and can give and receive feedback

  2. Live and work aligned with their values - leaders are clear about their values and hold their actions/behaviours accountable to those values

  3. Building trust - leaders talk openly about trust to foster a teamwork

  4. Knowing how to reset - leaders know how to reset after experiencing failure and setbacks & learn how to get back up—this is the bravery part!

Now let me ask you—can you identify some leaders in your life? Are you surprised by who comes to mind? I’m thinking...teachers, co-workers, my teenage twin daughters and so many of my friends. Included on my list are the amazing Empowered Women’s Circle members who are stepping, boldly, into self-leadership and creating a world-changing ripple effect. AND...drum roll list includes YOU!


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