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Women, Work & Wellbeing

Speaking to Deloitte women across the country last week revealed some vital facts: 

  • Women are hungry for information about their health

  • Women are ready to advocate for their own health & wellbeing

  • Organizations that amplify and elevate the conversations that are most important to women will recruit and retain the best talent

  • The WAY women work requires a shift in the structures of work itself; we MUST do things different if we want women’s genius to shine through

As I discussed 'Thriving Through Life’s Transitions' and hit on key elements of healthcare in each decade, it became obvious that menopause is the most misunderstood and confusing time of life for many.

Janet Ko, President and Co-Founder of The Menopause Foundation of Canada shared some shocking statistics (learn more and download robust resources here):

  • 1 in 2 women feel unprepared for menopause

  • 40% of women feel alone in menopause

  • 72% of those who sought advice found that advice not very helpful

  • 4/10 felt their symptoms were undervalued (by their provider)

And 3.5 billion dollars

are lost annually

due to unmanaged menopausal symptoms!!

We closed the event with many outstanding questions and a promise to keep the conversation going.

What questions do you have about menopause?

What has your experience been, as you negotiate the Canadian healthcare system in search of mid-life and menopausal treatment options?

We'd love to hear from you inside our Empowered Women's Circle where we share honest answers and valuable resources.

With so much to unpack and so many women to support, Lisa and I are excited to be curating collaborative conversations with conscious, visionary leaders ready to create uplift for women AND greater ROI for their bottom line.  

Get in touch with us if your organization could benefit from expert guidance and structured content on midlife health, menopause management and ways to unleash women at work.


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