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Embody your 'yes' and 'no'

Are you familiar with the “yes” trap?

As high-impact women, we often find ourselves saying “yes” to everything—work commitments, family obligations, social events—until we’re stretched thin and running on empty.

But what about our own well-being?

When excellence is our standard, and caring for others is second nature, we risk neglecting ourselves.

Overgiving becomes our default mode, leaving us disconnected from our needs and desires. The toll? Overwhelm, burnout, and a frazzled nervous system.

Our nervous system responds to stress and overcommitting. The sympathetic branch revs up, keeping us in a constant state of alertness. Meanwhile, the parasympathetic branch—the “rest and digest” mode—takes a back seat.

This is when it's time to recalibrate and return to presence - completing the stress cycle.

In my latest video, “Embodying Your Yes and No,” we dive into a powerful 10-minute practice.

It’s time to slow down, listen to your body, and recognize your somatic “yes” and “no.” This isn’t just about boundaries; it’s about reclaiming your precious time and energy.

You matter!

You deserve the same care and attention you give to others.

When you tune into your mind-body system (your soma), you cultivate a greater capacity to FEEL your feelings and make choices aligned with your values and vision for life. No more abandoning yourself. Whether you’re a seasoned leader, or care provider seeking balance, this practice is for you!

🎥 Watch the video: Embody Your No and Yes

After watching, share your insights in the comments of my YouTube channel or reach out to us at EWC!

How do you honour your “no”?

What’s your favorite self-connection ritual? Let’s learn from each other. 👇

Remember, it’s okay to prioritize yourself. 🌿 Reconnect, recharge, and thrive!


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