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Unlock Tunnel Vision and Restore Curiosity

Have you ever found yourself caught in the grip of a stressor, unable to shift your focus or energy?

What’s a stressor, you may ask? It’s a situation or event that activates an involuntary, biological stress response through your mind/body system. These stressors, as unique as you are, can be memories, environmental factors, or the dynamics of the people around you.

Stress is something we ALL experience, but when it locks us into a cycle of rumination, anxiety, and procrastination, it's like a veil over our curiosity, making it hard to see the bigger picture.

But there’s good news—the power to change this is literally in your hands.

I’ve recorded a simple, 4-minute somatic practice for you—a key to unlock tunnel vision that the experience of stress can create. Our mind/body system was brilliantly designed to employ ‘tunnel vision’ as an evolutionary response to address immediate challenges.

In a stress response, our eyes narrow, focusing intently. Yet, when stress lingers unprocessed, we can get caught in a hyper vigilant loop, losing sight of ourselves and the broader perspective of the situation.

As we unlock tunnel vision together, let's restore not only our perspective but also our access to the abundant resources within us.

Try this 4-minute practice and consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel for more resources - it's a space where curiosity thrives!

Share your experience with us; your voice matters - leave a comment on YouTube.

How did the practice feel for you? What gems of curiosity were revealed? Let's connect!


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