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Sex coach & ob/gyn chat it up

It's not often someone can say things that surprise or shock me - but yesterday I met my match when I had a revealing conversation with Dr. Patti Britton!

Dr. Britton is a sexologist, founder of SexCoachU and extraordinary example of how to live life to the fullest, find joy, spread love and use your magic gifts for good.

You'll want to experience her for yourself in this livestream video - enjoy!

Climax conclusions;)

- Love and accept yourself - we hear it often but don't embody it enough.

- Bodies change AND you are beautiful, sexy and worthy of love - let's redefine beauty!

- Presence is the most important gift you can give your relationship - put your phone away!

- If you don't know, love and learn your body - no one else ever will

- Hormones help - get advice from the experts (Pandia Menopause now available here)

- You are a whole human and all the parts of you need nurturing, care and self-kindness

Watch the 30 min livestream on Instagram by clicking the pic above


On a more personal note...

Many years ago, as I was pulling back from my busy academic practice in service of something bigger with midlife women, I called (yes, picked up the phone and called) Dr. Patti Britton.

She answered (!) and we spent the next hour talking. I have copious notes from that day, almost a decade ago. I learned so much from her wisdom, experience and business knowledge but the part I remember most is the feeling I had in the presence of her radical generosity. She is a wildly successful entrepreneur, sex coach and educator AND YET she took the time to share openly with me about all the possible pitfalls and reasons to be wildly optimistic as I set off on my own professional pursuits.

She invited me to LEAP and to know that women and couples needed more from the healthcare system than I was able to provide from inside my office walls.

Since that conversation, Dr. Britton and I have kept in touch, sharing Podcast time, many email chats and a shared desire to help couples ignite passion, release inhibitions and connect intimately.

We both believe that when people are loved and love each other, they experience life differently. Women who have access to passionate pleasure and unbridled physical bliss are more sure of themselves, courageously confident, vocal, visible and willing to take risks.

We need more women willing to take risks in a world that is waiting for "us" to step up and be bold.

As a young ob/gyn resident, it became obvious to me that people who are deeply connected, supported, sexually satisfied and comfortable in their own skin are the people who take audacious actions that are just a little more on the edge of life. Something about the hormones, neurotransmitters, physical release and grounded confidence that comes from great sex enlivens life in ways that expand what is possible.

It's a joy (and a relief) to have met someone who sees the world from this angle too. I'm grateful for Dr. Patti Britton and, someday, I hope that I, too, will inspire other young (and seasoned) women to follow their instincts and live their dreams.

***A personal gift that uncovers the hidden realms of sensuality and sexual pleasure, created just for women and couples who are excited to explore is now available - grab yours HERE!



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