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Midlife gives you permission

Midlife brings clarity about immortality and a chance to rewrite your story. It’s time to look forward, not backward. To feel good about all you have accomplished and then sink quietly into your comfy chair knowing that, this time, you get to be yourself.

You know what you love and what repels you. You know who makes you feel good and who leaves you feeling drained. You know that you were made for greatness and some days you just don’t care because that gin martini is your doorway to new insights.

Parts of your beautiful brain are lighting up with new creativity and sticking with the patterns of the past will stifle more than your bright ideas, it will suffocate your soul.

Let yourself emerge. Let her out. Breathe deeply and ‘become’.

The world needs your full self-expression. Your family wants your happiness. Your work elevates when you bring all of yourself to it. Your team sighs in relief as your leadership blossoms and new projects germinate. The experienced, impactful and highly conscious woman inside is ready - bring her forth. With that emergence comes wisdom, intuition and new ways of being in your life. You get to live in alignment with your core values, guided by your truth and unfiltered by the impositions of the world.

As you realize that you’re in midlife, you accept that things are different and work with, not against.

There are new rules for your health, new ways to eat and exercise.

Your brain needs laughter to learn, remember, heal and harvest.

Your body needs sex (true fact!).

There are immeasurable benefits from mindfulness, meditation and being growth minded.

But the biggest difference is in how you treat yourself and what you believe. If you botox your forehead, laser your vagina and fill your cheeks, you may look twenty (you go girl!) - BUT what have you left behind as you run your credit card trying to be someone you’re not? These are your choices and yours alone.

Midlife gives you permission to be the woman you were before the external world made you who you are.

Drop the facade, forget the friction and live fully as yourself. You’re the only one who can.

Life is beautiful and so are you.

Midlife: The Meaning, Madness & Magic

"Conversations that no one is having" May 2023 - registration is open now!!

This upcoming spring/summer season of the Empowered Women's Circle will be a chance to grab a drink, sit in your favourite lounging chair and learn more about your body, your brain and your brilliance.


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