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Embracing New Year Resilience

As we step into the new year, let's embark on a journey of compassionate resourcing for ourselves. Our nervous system, the silent architect of our experience, responds to the world around us, shaping our perceptions and reactions.

In the tapestry of life, certain threads signal threat, activating survival mode, while others weave a sense of safety and connection. Balancing our nervous system, especially after a year of challenges, requires patience and intentional corrective experiences.

Consider this: When stress whispers, are you listening? The practice is simple—BEING WITH whatever arises, meeting your needs instead of brushing them aside. It's about attuning to your inner rhythms and understanding what your nervous system truly craves.

Are you juggling too much, signaling a need to slow down? Do you feel a disconnect from your needs, signaling a call for self-awareness? Perhaps more connection, rest, movement, or nourishment is what your system craves. Prioritize yourself—heed the signals.

Regulation, where the nervous system finds ease and balance, is achievable through regular check-ins. The key lies in "BEING WITH"—a powerful practice to familiarize and regulate internal discomfort.

Here's a simple exercise for the journey ahead:

Close your eyes; acknowledge discomfort in your body.

Stay with it; it might be 5 seconds or a minute.

Open your eyes; notice five elements around you.

Repeat three times.

In this dance of discomfort and awareness, we access new layers of resilience. Cheers to a new year of being present, listening to ourselves, and creating room for boundless possibilities!

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Join us at our January 18th Visioning Event as we curate the year with renewed purpose and inspired action - we invite you to experience the power of community for yourself.


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