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Do this & start dreaming big

We're more than halfway through the first month of the new year! Can you believe it? I love this time of year because every end signifies a new beginning. As one year ends, another begins and reminds us to take pause—to declare what we want 2022 to look like and to lay the groundwork for the months ahead. But don’t just do it today…do it tomorrow and next week and throughout the 4 seasons. You may even want to formulate a 2 or 5 year plan outlining the biggest dreams you can imagine. The important part is allowing yourself the opportunity to consider the possibilities. To sink into the present moment, release all that didn’t serve you in 2021 and embark on a fresh start. With intentional, daily, effort comes clarity and I yearn for all women to find their path to her highest calling in 2022. It’s taken many years to work through the bumps in the road and be able to say that I’m living my life’s purpose. I don't want it to take you that long to reclaim your life! Start today with this practice:

  1. Grab your journal or some paper & write Big Dreams/ Goals for 2022 at the top

  2. Under this, divide the page into 2 columns by drawing a line down the middle

  3. On the left side write “What I Need” and to the right write, “First step”

  4. Now, create a list of 3 things you need on the left and the First Step toward fulfilling on that specific need adjacent to it on the right.

Remember, you won’t be able to do everything at once and the beauty is that you have an entire year to work TOWARDS your big goals for 2022.

If you, like most women, need support and loving accountability on your path to a purposeful, intention-filled year of accomplishing goals and realizing dreams that you’ve had on hold – join us in the Empowered Women’s Circle.


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