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3 ways to improve your well-being

As we start off the year, there is a lot to be grateful for and, while it’s not all roses, there are many things we CAN control. For those things, I commit to asserting that control and taking back my life. I would love for you to join me as we step into a 2022 that is purposeful, grounded and connected. You can get started by scheduling DAILY meditation, exercise and deeper intimacy.

Here are some of the things I am going to try this year:

1.Meditation – Meditation moves your brain from beta waves (awake) to alpha waves (relaxing) and, finally, theta waves (relaxed). The ripple effect of this relaxation affects your entire physiology. Meditation improves digestion, blood circulation, sleep, pain management and coping skills. It makes you more present for the memory-making moments of your life.

2.Exercise – Exercise releases endorphins that directly improve mood. I notice it when I return from a run and I yearn for that feeling when I’ve missed my workout. I could write for days about the physical benefits but what I need most right now is the “pick me up” that comes from breaking a sweat. Exercise helps me to see more clearly and cope better.

3.Deeper intimacy – As I become more tense and stressed, I feel more isolated and alone. I disconnect from myself and others. To counter this loneliness, I need greater intimacy. For many, that means a deeper inner connection to “self”. Spend time listening inward. Ask yourself, “what do I FEEL?” and “what do I NEED?”. Be loving, compassionate and receptive. For some, deeper relationship intimacy is long overdue – maybe you need to re-kindle the fire with your lover? If that’s what you need, ask for it.

If you, like most women, need support and loving accountability on your path to a purposeful, intention-filled year of accomplishing goals and realizing dreams that you’ve had on hold – join us in the Empowered Women’s Circle as we start a new season this month.


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