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Canadian Embassy in D.C. and EWC

Updated: Jan 25

This past week was a whirlwind of cancelled flights, clinical collaboration, patient care, packing, unpacking, repacking and finally reconnecting with Jeremy in Washington, D.C.

D.C. events included a walk to the very, tippy top of the Capitol Building (If you've never seen the mural on the ceiling or read about it's significance - do it now), a meeting with Senator Mark Kelly, NASA administrator Bill Nelson, enthusiastic social media influencers and a very lively reception with children interested in space.

By far, my favourite part was spending time at the Canadian Embassy and talking with the many incredible Canadians who work diligently day after day to build and nurture relationships with our partners to the south. Having lived in Houston, TX for 14 years, I've experienced almost as much of American life as many Americans. There are remarkable things that the U.S. has accomplished on a global scale. Canada too! The embassy felt like a place where a lot of these world-changing discussions happen and Canada has the important role of inserting our unique Canadian values into those essential conversations. Powerful!

As I learn more, I'm realizing that this North American partnership is one of deep respect, generosity and creative collaboration intended to lay the groundwork for a future that is bright and full of hope. Artemis II has become an opportunity to talk about the things that unify us as opposed to the things that divide us. In an ever-increasing way, this is made possible by U.S. and Canadian dignitaries who have decided to spread the deeper message of this moon mission - We are going TOGETHER!

As we continually share at EWC - we are stronger together.

The unwavering commitment to this collaboration between our two countries on this mission, and beyond, is immediately obvious when talking to Ambassador Kirsten Hillman (pictured with me here). In her, I found a kindred spirit and powerful force for good, not just for Canada but for the world. Women like her inspire me to, more widely, share the message of women's empowerment - not just for us but for the world who needs us to be courageous, confident and claim our space. I can't wait to share more!


A short practice for TODAY

Join EWC this 2023 summer season as we set powerful intentions

to create more ease & fulfillment - registration open all summer!

The practice we will do this week promises to illuminate a path forward, out of the fog of distraction and overwhelm. Sourced from the only person who really has the answers (you!), you will be guided to listen to the whispers of your soul. Your brain is beautiful and brilliant but it can only get you so far. It is through gathering the kindling of your body's messages that the fire of your passion and purpose can be ignited.

Inside your heart is a wellspring of wisdom, an ocean of opportunity and a magnetic manifesting machine.

While you decide about joining us (or for those who already have) try this practice today:

1. Sit quietly with your eyes closed (yes, YOU, sit and relax it won't take long!)

2. Put your hand on your belly and take 3 full breaths; pushing your belly out as you inhale deeply.

3. Now name 1 thing you are grateful for.

4. Finally, consider the overall emotion or feeling you'd like to walk through your day with today (peace, calm, optimism, happiness, joy, love, assertiveness, courage, acceptance).

Don't filter or stop any yearnings. Just name that emotion and hold it in your heart today and into the week ahead.

This summer season of the Empowered Women's Circle is a chance to grab a drink, sit in your favourite lounging chair, engage in resonant and stimulating conversations and learn more about your body, your brain and your brilliance.

Why does it matter? Because together we embolden our sisterhood to live unleashed - And that's when the world will notice!

Midlife: The Meaning, Madness & Magic

"Authentic, Aligned and Unapologetic" Registration is still open!!


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