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Dr. Hansen's Personal Invitation To Join 
 Empowered Women's Circle!

Welcome to The Empowered Women's Circle, a community that celebrates and honors women for their wholeness, authenticity, brilliance, and beauty. Led by Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Dr. Hansen, our circle is an inspiring space for conversations and connections that delve into topics that everyone needs to know but are often left unspoken.

Join us in strengthening your body, calming your mind, soothing your soul, and attuning to your body's wisdom. Your body is the gateway to holistic health, hormone balance, and a wellspring of energy, pleasure, and joy – all sourced from within.

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Join the EWC Community


"The Empowered Women's Circle has helped me look inside of myself and to find my destiny project! While I have pursued other types of female-focused personal development, in the past, the directly connected nature of EWC has provided me with greater consistency. 


The weekly sessions feel like I am going to meet my high-functioning friends, who are ready to help me hold myself accountable to the actions and practices that will make me the best version of myself."

— Rose, Canada

Join the EWC Community

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