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Reclaim YOUR Life!
Midlife is MORE than JUST Menopause!

Mid-life brings a VIVID realization that
the second half of life could be different.


Sometimes this is accompanied by a sense of URGENCY
that you need to:

SHAKE things up, SHIFT priorities, and CARVE out
time & space in your life to
find & follow the joy!

Meet Dr Catherine Hansen

When I became a doctor, I took an oath to heal patients to the best of my abilities.

For me, that meant closing my successful OB/GYN practice, to better serve my patients! Mid-life women needed more than just one yearly,15 minute, office visit.

In my 20+ years working with mid-life women, I have learned that they are in search of more than just a prescription!

Yes, they want to manage their menopausal symptoms, but they also need and crave a safe space & a supportive community to help them in their work towards living a happier, healthier & more fulfilled life! 


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