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Empowered Women's Circle Membership

There is still time to join us! Recordings available.

In connection & community with
other powerful women

A safe space for women

to access credible wellness resources,

receive guidance, structure and support

to reclaim health and vitality

as they become fully present

for the memory-making moments in life.


Transform Your Life this Season

What is possible for you in our Empowered Women's Circle...

Gain clarity on your vision, establish a clear path forward, get consistent with your habits and feel the support of our community to reach higher in this season of your life.

Drinks in the Garden

You don't have to do it alone

Surrounded by a community of loving, supportive women on a similar journey and guided by experienced, compassionate facilitators, make this stage of your life the best ever!

"This group keeps me focused on my goals, accountable and motivated." -Katrina, Quebec

After 4 months, you will be...

Guided by values-based decisions and making consistent progress toward your vision for this season

Guided to establish a personalized wellness practice that nurtures and replenishes you daily

Compassionately held by accountability partners who generously share resources to uplift your health and well-being


Clear on your vision, goals and next steps 


Grounded in resources for resilience, abundance, self-compassion and growth mindset


Standing more confidently in your brilliance, authenticity & power


Living with more joy, ease and inner strength

Come together to connect more deeply to ourselves,
harvest our collective wisdom and
rejuvenate ourselves and our world.

There is still time to join us! Session recordings will be provided.

You will receive:

Twice-monthly live facilitated sessions with co-leaders Dr. Catherine Hansen and/or Milisa Burns


A structured syllabus with weekly workshop videos, handouts, trackers and everything you need to succeed

Membership in a vibrant and supportive on-line community of women on a safe, intimate, distraction free platform

Tools and guidance to establish a personal vision and content flow that will guide the next 4 months

Support and resources to plant the seeds of your potential, pull up the "weeds" interfering with your progress, fertilize your growth and fully blossom into your vision

Encouragement and accountability from other women, when you need it most

Join our circle today!



DiamondPrice 2021

Your co-leaders

Dr. Catherine Hansen and Milisa Burns have been friends, colleagues, and power partners for over 5 years—together they are bringing the best of their expertise & experience to help women, globally, rise to their fullest potential in this one precious life!

The EWC Membership is a 4 month curated program that runs 3 times a year—referred to as “seasons”. 


Each season has a slightly different focus that is personal to each woman—customized to self-identified personal intentions and visions.


As you lean into your vision, you receive the guidance of knowledgeable leadership and loving community support. 


The membership is a combination of online learning content, virtual group coaching sessions and guided progress toward personal dreams and aspirations. No matter how big or small your vision, this community will help you reach it.

"The EWC is like a weekly dose of well-being"

—Renee, Quebec

Be a priority in your life
Establish & stick with a life-changing
personal wellness routine

Transform your Body, Mind and Soul
Get clear on your goals
Live with more authenticity & confidence 
Harvest your inner strength
Be more joy-filled
Be "in" your life

Female Friends

The EWC has helped me look inside and find my destiny project. While I have pursued other types of female-focused personal development in the past, the more directly connected nature of EWC has provided me with greater consistency. As an EWC member, the sessions are like going to a club to meet your high-functioning friends who are ready to help me hold myself accountable to the actions and practices that will make me the best version of myself."

-Rose, Canada

DSC_6323 final 8x10 cropped.jpeg

Milisa Burns

Milisa Burns, former corporate lawyer, with 16 years of coaching & facilitation experience, catalyzes courageous professional women to replenish and reconnect with their purpose so that they can "be the change" they yearn to see in the world.

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