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We're alive, but not living as fully as we deserve

The world is changing and women are waking up to the reality that there is more. That life is not meant to be brushed across, rushed through, skimmed over and then end. It’s time to find yourself in your life and savour the preciousness of everyday moments. We each have our own gifts, talents and areas of expertise. We are daughters, mothers, sisters, and friends. We are parents, domestic engineers, entrepreneurs, spouses, business owners and professionals. We are so many things to so many people. We help people heal their bodies, follow their passions, nourish their health, serve their families, and manage their expanding roles. We advertise, market, buy and sell. We show people how to detox or relax or communicate better. Then we all go back to our lives. Back to our isolation. Back to simply surviving. We are alive, but not living as a fully as we deserve. We know there are other women, many other women, living in the same stretched, overcommitted, and depleted manner, yet we continue in our silos.

In the Empowered Women’s Circle, we help you connect inwards and

step into a more fulfilled life—whatever that may look like to you.

This season we will focus on re-connecting with the pulse of life. As women, we are the source of our own replenishment

through the gateway of our 5 senses and it is within our power

to more deeply experience the precious moments of joy & pleasure, day to day. It's time to take back that power!

Our community is here for you with open arms when you're ready to receive deep, soul nourishing replenishment—we start Thursday May 12th and membership will close after the 2nd session!


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