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Rewire your brain circuitry

Ellie Ballentine, The Mindset Mentor, embodies the wisdom that

“What was learned can be unlearned, and new neural connections (aka mindset hacks) can be created”.

In a recent session, Ellie guided our EWC women safely back to ourselves, to our unacknowledged feelings, essential needs, and deeper desires—for a greater possibility for our lives.

We were held through the discomfort and disappointment of “not being there yet,” meeting ourselves exactly where we are without turning away from difficult sensations and emotions.

Do you ever wonder when you will, finally, get "there"? Us too!

Ellie offered us the power of believing in ourselves.

We came away feeling more spacious, energized, and open to knowing that life is working for us, not just happening to us.

It’s not about toxic positivity or denying reality—it's about meeting everything with curiosity, anchored in the presence of our inner wise woman. This resourced, compassionate, empowered part of us patiently waits for us to take her hand and lead the way.

With Ellie, we learned that we can handle being in the messy middle—of not quite knowing how to create this level of change, of trusting life, ourselves, and each other. Of believing we are already enough, that the next step will be revealed, and the energy of action generated by turning toward ourselves and then toward each other.

Many of us share the experience of having felt diminished, ridiculed, silenced, and shamed (being told to sit down and shut up) for being who we are - for daring to challenge the status quo - and for expressing our needs and desires. The experience of shame causes us to contract, shrink, and disconnect from ourselves and our resources (internal and external). But while it has been part of our lived experience, it ISN’T who we are….and it can’t continue to exist in the light of truth and awareness. We can rewire the circuitry.

Shame is a painful experience, but we can manage the symptoms, free ourselves from its tentacles, and cultivate new thinking habits and embodied beliefs.

Our life experiences, as well as our healing, are rooted in relation and interconnection. In community we practice mirroring the strengths and wisdom we’ve been disconnected from, putting us back in contact with layers of support and resources that our system needs - moment to moment.

Our Empowered Women's Circle is a sanctuary where we collectively practice being BIG—imperfectly whole.

In this sacred space, possibilities become invitations for experimentation, deepening, and openness to new ways of navigating life and unleashing our greatness. As we revisit the magic of our time together, remember that YOUR story, struggles, and triumphs are interwoven into the collective narrative - you are part of our Circle too and we thank you for being here!

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