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Making the most of the end of summer

Between coordinating my 3 teenager's summer jobs, prepping them for the new school year, planning an EWC corporate initiative with my team, and supporting my husband's various work-related commitments, it's safe to say it's been a busy summer! Where has the summer gone? Where did my time go? Did I accomplish all I set out to do this season? If you're an overachiever/perfectionist like me, you're probably asking yourself the same questions. But before you follow your left brain into the deep end, I invite you to recall the precious moments you've experienced so far this summer. For me, some of them have included:

  • afternoon swims in the lake near my cottage

  • celebrating my parent's 60th anniversary with a surprise party

  • enjoying ice cream in town with my twin girls

  • helping my son with an architecture project followed by a picnic

These are just a few moments that come to mind—easy to overlook, but so precious and priceless to me. I was recently reminded that all of the to-do's on my list will find a way to get done, so I'm choosing to focus on appreciating the exquisite moments of these past few months—it's how i'll be making the most of the end of my summer. This is your invitation to do the same. What are some of the invaluable experiences you've had in the past few months? Make a list! Studies show that people who deliberately prolong their positive experiences (through savouring) can increase happiness in both the short and long term. Have a wonderful weekend and remember to savour the rest of this sweet summer.


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