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Can Work Be Filled With Awe and Wonder?

Yes, it can. As we navigate the intricate pathways of midlife, we find ourselves at a crossroads—an intersection of awakening, reflection, and the quest for deeper fulfillment. It’s a time when ordinary moments can become extraordinary, and the seemingly mundane reveals its hidden brilliance.

Recently, I had the privilege of sharing this state of wonder with two remarkable women: Catherine Hansen, MD, and our cherished friend and colleague, Carolyn Swora, along with their amazing sons. Our working weekend away transcended mere escape—(thanks to Catherine’s wonderful hosting), it became an immersion into curiosity, joy, and the art of presence

In Gay Hendricks’ illuminating book “A Year of Conscious Living,” he beckons us to notice the delicate threads that weave our lives. Each moment, from the tiniest decision to the grandest revelation, shapes our path. But here’s the secret ingredient: presence. In every heartbeat, we choose whether to embrace the goodness, connection, and possibility that surround us.

Invitation to Play: For the next 24 hours, let’s embark on a journey of wonder:

  • What am I feeling? Dive into the ocean of emotions, explore their nuances, and honour their whispers.

  • What am I doing? Observe your actions without judgment. What patterns emerge? What serves you well?

  • What is in this relationship for me? Reflect on the connections you hold. What gifts do they offer? What do you bring to them?

  • Who am I being? Explore your essence. What qualities define you in this very moment?

No rigid plans, no harsh judgments—just wonder. And perhaps, like me, a touch of awe.

I invite you to share your discoveries with us. Reach out, connect, and let’s weave our stories together.

Curious to witness the wonder and joy captured during our working weekend away? Click here to immerse yourself in a one-minute reel of highlights—nature encounters, laughter, and heartfelt moments with friends. Let the magic unfold! 🎥✨


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