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Feeling burned out? You're not alone

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Women are amazing. Ok, maybe I'm a bit biased, but hear me out! Women step into many different roles with distinct responsibilities throughout their lifetime, sometimes simultaneously. We're mothers, wives, busy professional women, entrepreneurs... the list goes on. We carry all these spinning plates and are pressured (by others & ourselves) to keep balance and not drop any. COVID-19 has added an extra layer of stress to everyone's lives and the impact the pandemic has had on women has not gone unnoticed.

McKinsey&Company presented these results in a report where employees where asked: "In the last few months, which of the following have you consistently felt at work?" Across 3 groups (parents, senior level management, and Black employees), women reported feeling more pressure, burned out and exhausted at work.

"...women are feeling more exhausted, burned out, and under pressure than men are (at work)...this suggests that companies need to do more to adjust the norms and expectations that lead to these feelings." (McKinsey & Company, 2021) And while, great strides have been made for the advancement of professional women, I sense an exciting change in the air among corporations that are committed to achieving gender equity. Corporations are beginning to explore women's only communities as a way to improve the overall wellness of their female workforce. It makes sense, right? After-all, women share unique challenges:

  • gender bias

  • balancing work and home responsibilities

  • lack of networking, mentorship or sponsorship

  • Biological changes during menopause

It seems companies far and wide are paying attention to an overlooked area of wellness for professional women—women's circles. I've been saying this for years—women need community!

I'm glad the world is finally catching on. If you're feeling under pressure, burned out or exhausted (or on that inevitable path), I invite you to join the Empowered Women's Circle as we create tangible change for women and work!


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