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Breathe and Receive: A Grounding Meditation

Feeling a bit overwhelmed this holiday season? Join me for an 8-minute grounding meditation—a reset for your nervous system. Picture it as a gift to yourself, a chance to recharge and replenish.

Sink in, connect with the Earth, and breathe. This is your sanctuary—where stress fades, resilience grows, and you emerge fully refreshed. You’ll envision a healing light, radiating through your entire system clearing away anything that is no longer serving you. 

Let's navigate the holidays with grace and resilience. Because you deserve peace and nourishment.

Join me in this practice here: 8- Minute Grounding Meditation

Stepping into 2024, are you curious about joining us for our Winter Season? Whether you've been following us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter, we invite you to become a part of this transformative journey. Cheers to the wisdom we've gained and the joy that awaits us in the Winter season ahead. 

Join us at our January 18th Visioning Event as we curate the year with renewed purpose and inspired action - we invite you to experience the power of community for yourself.

With love and best wishes,

Lisa Burchartz


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