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Meet Dr.Catherine Hansen

You deserve more.


I was selling my soul to practice in the current healthcare system.

After 25 years of trying to give my best to women in a 15-minute clinical visit, I realized that this wasn’t good enough.

Women deserve more

I sat with Kristina* on that bright morning and gently shared that her wake-up call had come, and, to my surprise, the awakening happened for both of us.


She was 52, perimenopausal and recent labs indicated that some of her lifestyle choices were catching up with her. We discussed the ways her diet, exercise, restless sleep, and over-whelming stress were ravaging her mid-life body and we were sitting on a precipice. Either get healthy or run ‘catch up’ on her health for the remainder of her days.


We chatted about all the things her doctors had never discussed that are foundational to her longevity and quality of life. We nodded at our mutual understanding of the ways these symptoms were impacting her creativity and productivity at work and the uncomfortable glances she was receiving from male co-workers.


She laughed and cried about her marital challenges, the pain with sex and the direct, often invisible, correlation of all of this to her inner connection with herself. I drew pictures, graphs, and a road map. I invited steps, structure, and sanguinity.


At the end of our visit, with my waiting room overflowing because I had taken ‘too long’, she did something that no patient, hearing bad news, had ever done before.


She thanked me.


She thanked me for my honesty.


She thanked me for seeing her and believing in her.


She thanked me for giving her hope and optimism and for, possibly, extending her life.


A prescription for
renewed direction and purpose

Tears well up today when I think about that moment. I was sharing tangible lifestyle changes, the importance of long walks, self-care, and sexual bliss. These ‘treatments’ were not just for lipid counts or blood pressure, they were a pathway to bring sexual and sensual happiness into all aspects of her life. They were a prescription for renewed direction and purpose.


Together, we were creating a natural rhythm for her days to let the joy back in.


The fog was lifting, clarity taking shape and she was reclaiming her wholeness right before my eyes. Body, mind, and soul integrated into one exquisite female body.


Her gratitude cracked me open and my life was changed – women deserve more.

Women don’t just need advice, they need connection, compassion, and support.

They don’t just need my medical interpretations (albeit important), they need my expertise through the ‘woman to woman’ lens of understanding and presence. Women don’t just need advice, they need connection, compassion, and support. Through this experience, and others like it, I am able to share the roadmap that brought Kristina’s life back into focus. I can lay out the practices and tools that allowed her to shed 25lbs and get her cholesterol and blood pressure under control. I can walk women through the tangible guidance and honest conversations that re-ignited her sexy spark, bringing intimacy and orgasms back into her bedroom. Seeing and guiding women in this way, in their wholeness and radiance, unleashes their potential, not just physically but professionally.


Kristina was able to engage more fully at work; to bring all the parts of herself into her group discussions and project timelines. She leads her life with care, renewed passion, self-compassion, and grace. The women on her team are inspired by her radical self-confidence and the boardroom will never be the same. Through her renewed vitality, others become energized.

Be the radiant woman you were meant to be, inside & out.


Nothing happens overnight and quick fixes are not real. Some people in wellness and healthcare are preying on women by offering options that are expensive and unproven. Mis/disinformation has become the norm, allowing space for the dangerous to creep in. This makes me angry and I needed to do something about it. So I did.


Because women deserve more.


By putting 20+ years of guidance into 3 on-line, digitally available courses, I’m able to help and reach more people like Kristina.


If it’s health, vitality and wholeness you are after, Reclaim Your Life!


To renew your relationship, explore A Journey to Rediscover Intimacy.  


If you are confused about mid-life, you are not alone, make your Menopause Meaningful.


My work has become my joy.


My soul is my own.


On these pages, as you browse around, you will learn that there are three pathways, but they all lead to one place….


A healthier,


more vital and alive,


joy-filled and purpose-driven,


authentic, awake and unapologetically


confident woman.


Because you deserve more.


*While the story and responses are very real, Kristina is a compilation of several amazing women I have treated throughout my 20+ years in the office and for the ways they have shaped my life and work, I am deeply grateful.


Dr.Catherine Hansen's Services

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