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Dr.Hansen's speaking areas of expertise

Upcoming Presentations

Catherine Hansen, MD, FRCSC, FACOG, MPH, NCMP


September 2020

2020 NAMS Virtual Annual Meeting: Reaching New Heights in Menopause Care

Presentations will be available for viewing beginning on September 28, 2020

Menopause 101: Building the Foundation 

"Nonhormone Management of Hot Flashes"

September 16, 2020 at 8:00amCT

University of Texas Medical Branch 

Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency Program Educational Grand Rounds

“The Burden of Chronic Pelvic Pain”

October 5-9, 2020

Live Q&A With 2020 NAMS Annual Meeting Speakers

October 7, 2020 at 7:30amCT

Houston Methodist Obstetrics & Gynecology Grand Rounds

“On-line Menopause Clinics: Considerations for Houston Methodist in this space"

Upcoming Presentations

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With hot and juicy information to share, Dr.Hansen gives engaging presentations on topics that no one wants to cover but everyone needs to know!

"I always seize opportunities to engage audiences in open dialogue about real life, relationships and finding ways to blend accurate, well-researched health and wellness information into an integrative whole-health approach. We all deserve a chance to live life to our fullest potential physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. I’m very excited to expand my role in healthcare by providing dynamic, engaging and entertaining presentations for your group."


What people are saying

"Dr.Hansen's guidance, wisdom, insight, energy and deep caring felt like a journey inward. Awakened by her profound knowledge and passionate engagement of the audience, I am personally transformed. Life now has deeper meaning, joy, peace and promise. For this I am deeply grateful." -A.D.

"She takes a powerful, energizing and inspiring stand for women's empowerment that ensures a transformative experience for everyone she touches with her words." -M.B.

"Dr.Hansen is approachable, intelligent, generous and a truly authentic pathfinder in today's world." -E.B.

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