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Finding clarity and purpose

in turbulent times

A 3 month coaching & learning intensive to help you cultivate presence,
leverage your feminine power, up-level your impact,
give voice to things you care deeply about
and lead yourself and others with inspired action.

There is only one unique and brilliant you.
Choose to be that because you know it’s inside of you.

You can train yourself into a version of you that you are meant to be.


Being fully you is a choice and a
responsibility; a commitment to yourself, from yourself.

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The shift starts now. 

It all starts with you.

The Empowered Women Circles team share 

a vision for the future of leadership.

We're driven by the mission that there is a better way for organizations to support their female workforce—allowing for greater collaboration between professional women and a higher return on investment for companies.


Appoint yourself

to being you


Opening up to growth mindset

  • Find your north star. Navigate your way from struck and unclear to finding what is going to move you forward

  • Discover why we cannot become ourselves by ourselves. Declare your brilliance and name your
    growth edge to amplify authentic confidence and power-up personal agency

  • Connect with your WHY

  • Cultivate a deeper sense of meaning, purpose and engagement for yourself and others by leading from ‘what really matters’



energy not time


Reclamation (your time, leadership & life)

  • Reclaim your power.

  • Discover 3 mistakes professional women make that lead to overwhelm and exhaustion.

  • The paradox and magic of “not forcing action”. Finding your pace of grace, without compromising outcomes or impact.

  • Practice the alchemy of intention: challenge and transform the traditional ‘goal-setting’ paradigm to create what you want faster.



from the heart


A new language

  • Learn to call on your wisest self to assist with clear decision making and guide you into your future

  • Meet and make friends with the 8 silent saboteurs that can work under cover to damage and derail your best efforts and relationships.

  • Use the playful permission of “failing forward” to create ease, accelerate growth, gain momentum and expand influence.

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