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What are you yearning for?

Our most recent EWC session was powerful. EWC co-leader and award winning facilitator, Milisa Burns, led us through an embodied practice to help get us out of our minds and into our bodies in order to connect with our deepest yearnings—these are the things we deeply desire when we let all the "shoulds", fears and external drivers fall away. It's been a long week of business meetings, packing for an upcoming trip to Canada, and a slew of national tragedies that have been heavy on my heart and front of mind for the EWC leadership team. It's weeks like these when I feel truly grateful for the Thursday night sessions with the EWC community where I can receive support and connect with women who are dedicated to using their talents to impact humanity. Sometimes if feels like it’s only me leaning into a more conscious world, but when I’m with these women I realize we have a tribe who want to contribute as much as I do (or more). We set aside the shame, fear, and needing to know the "how-to" in order to sense into what we're aching to actualize this summer and beyond. Many midlife women who come to me through clinic or workshops, find themselves confused, lost, wanting to know the "how" and not knowing where to start. I invite you to set aside your fear and needing to know all the answers this summer and use this wellness wheel to see what area of life is whispering (or yelling) for your attention.

We use this in the EWC Membership as a guiding light to help our members set personal intentions for the season. It's different for everyone and changes throughout the year, but allows us to focus where we feel magnetized to be spending time. Take a look at it—does any one area stand out to you? What area do you feel pulled towards? What area of life are you yearning to focus on and up-level? You could feel electricity in your body that you want to give more time to exploring your purpose & calling...or you may feel a tingling to revive your relationship with an intimate partner, or longing to deepen connection to a family member. In Milisa's wise words—those aches & yearnings you're feeling are evidence that those desires are possible - they are calling to you.


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