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What are you afraid of?

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference."

- Serenity Prayer

The thought occurred to me that maybe the people who most need the work of re-connection through the senses, as a pathway to deeper self-awareness are, in some cases, women who are least likely to join us this season.

We all know, that when we connect to our self and listen to our soul’s desires, we begin to shake things up. We disrupt the norm.

What we want becomes magnetized to us and what we need to release becomes more obvious.

Why would women not immediately want that? There’s only one possible answer…


This summer has the potential to change your life.

If you are thinking, "yeah right!?!"—I’m here to tell you that it’s absolutely true.

And the only thing standing between you and your fresh new, expanded perspective on the ways you own your life is—trigger alert: some of you may not be ready to hear this—you.

You get to decide.

You have the power.

Isn’t that beautifully empowering and truly terrifying, all at the same time?

In the decades I’ve worked with women, and in my own numbness, I’ve watched many of us fail miserably at taking ownership. I’ve held women’s hands as they cry about their circumstances, emerge with solutions only to return unchanged and defeated.

Time and again, I’ve been one of those women.

I’ve been in awe at heroines who, against all odds, reclaim their life from the annoyance of overcommitment or the depths of despair.

I’ve hit the bathroom floor myself, both figuratively and, literally one day when I passed out from the exhaustion of young children and hospital work. I woke up to the sight of beige tiles and complete amnesia of where I was and why.

I’ve heard every possible excuse and, if I’m honest, I’ve said most of them to myself.

So, what's the Empowered Women’s Circle doing to combat the overcommitment, exhaustion, and lack of accountability that so many women are experiencing?

This summer, the EWC will prioritize replenishment & pleasure.

We will practice embodied experiences, embedded into your powerful and productive lives so that you can open up to greater ease, flow, and joy in your daily life.

Membership will close on Thursday May 26th, so now is your chance to join us for a soul nourishing summer alongside the EWC Community—learn more & register here!

See below for a sneak peek at our next EWC live session where we'll help you set aside the shame, fear, and needing to know the "how-to" in order to sense into what you're aching to actualize this summer!



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