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SOMA SOULUTIONS (2 min practice)

- with Lisa Burchartz

Reclaiming Your Body: A Pathway to Healing and Transformation

Whether it's career concerns, health worries, family dynamics, financial pressures, or life's myriad challenges, many of us carry the weight of unresolved stress and trauma in our bodies, and our yearning for self-reclamation becomes a guiding light.

Through our Fall Speaker series you’ll experience the transformative power within you and how reconnecting with your body opens the door to reclaiming your agency, wisdom, and authenticity.

This journey is gentle, honouring your body's simple impulses and needs. Just as disconnection occurs gradually, so does reconnection. Your body craves attunement, care, and the reassurance of being seen, held, and heard.

On your path to reconnecting with your body, you are encouraged to:

Balance Inward and Outward Connection: Engaging with supportive community can help your nervous system modulate internal intensity and facilitate integration.

Balance Doing with Resting: The nervous system is resourced by this natural cycle and requires us to break the trance of ignoring it’s signals.

The cycle of body disconnection resolves when you turn your attention toward your body, acknowledging it with reverence. Every inch, sensation, pain, and pleasure are sacred and guides you to a deeper connection.

Two Minute Daily Practice:

Ask your body often: "What do you need?" Let this question be your guiding star for the day. Allow your body to communicate its needs moment by moment. Your body speaks in various ways.

Pause frequently throughout the day and inquire: "How can I support you?" If any need arises, meet it with kindness. Your body may request a moment's pause, a trip to the bathroom, a stretch, nourishment, rest, a connection with nature, or a sip of water. Consider setting an alarm every 2-3 hours to pause and attune to your body's needs, and reflect on what arises.

Let’s embark on this journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation together. Your body is waiting to guide you home.

In-Person Equine Retreat: Join me on October 18th or 21st, from 10 AM to 4 PM, at Horse & Hands Wellness Farm near Hamilton, Ontario, for "Grounded In Presence: A Day of Inner Resourcing through Equine Facilitated Learning." This experience promises transformative insights and embodied practices to help you lead authentically, with resilience and a deeper connection to your wisdom. Seats are limited, only 1 remains for Oct 18th and 3 for Oct 21st. For more details and to secure your spot, please visit my website.


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