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Reclaim your time & energy! (a personal video message)

I am so excited for you to join us for the first ever online EWC Winter Well-being Circle! If you haven’t registered for your free ticket yet, scroll to the end to do so! We all know what it’s like to get caught up in the business of the holiday season - work parties, finishing final projects, family traveling & gift shopping. I hope by now you understand the importance of taking time to savour the present moment and celebrate all that you’ve accomplished this year - the big and small. Being intentional about savouring and celebrating will help you create more joy-filled moments in your one precious life. The past few years have been anything but normal, so when we come together for the EWC Winter Well-being Circle on Thursday December 15th, we’ll lean into the new year with a growth mindset, renewed resilience, and fresh perspectives.

When you schedule rest, recovery, celebration and savouring into your life - so much can open up for you, including:

  1. Reclaiming YOUR time and energy - it already belongs to you so take it back!

  2. Re-prioritizing the things that matter - and putting up firm boundaries.

  3. Building more capacity to do the things you love - without feeling exhausted all the time.

That sounds amazing, right?!? The EWC membership is opening soon and the focus for winter season (starting January 2023) will be on fresh perspectives that expand your mindset and deepen your resilience through grounded practices for energy renewal that will serve even the busiest professional women - like YOU! Together, grounded in robust resources, we live more abundant and joy-filled lives in our workplace, our homes and in connection with the people we love. For this event ONLY, we are offering a complimentary ticket so you can learn about the EWC and all the ways that our Circle may help you replenish your energy and find more joy.

Get your ticket here: The EWC Winter Well-being Circle for Woman Savour & Celebrate: A seasonal way to manage energy not time Thursday December 15, 2022 @6:30pmCT/7:30pmET Click here to learn more!


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