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Are you missing the joy?

Many of us feel completely disconnected from our lives. I hear it over and over again, many women feel like the joy has been lost. Where did the joy go? (Hint: we better find it before the holidays get underway!) With so much to do and so many external measures of success, we often forget to take the time to be "in" our lives. We rush through, hoping someday will be different; time will expand, and we will finally be able to relax. It is this inner disconnection that breeds the wider problem of personal disengagement. At work. At home. In families. In life. People are just going about their day lost in the noise. And often, numbing the pain goes hand-in-hand with disconnection. Numbing with alcohol, drugs, food, screen time or just too many hours at the office. Some people can even make their numbing-agent-of-choice seem like a badge of honor. It’s still numbing. It’s still disconnection. The joy is still elusive. Re-engagement in the workforce must start inside each of us. A reconnection to what really matters - To passions and people instead of misguided priorities and just "pushing through". A reconnection to joy and love; to loved ones and play time. A reconnection to free time and finding space to just BE. To think. To feel. To allow. To accept. Remarkably, when we look for it, it’s all there just waiting to be heard. It’s in the chipmunks, the trees, the water, the breeze. It’s in you and me and especially our kids. They seem to get it even if we don’t, unless (and until) we squeeze it out of them. You don’t have time, you say? Really? What are you rushing for? Where is your striving taking you? When will you find the joy that your life is intended to bring?

The time is now. You don’t have another minute to waste. Kids grow up. Age advances. Loved ones die.

It’s time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be. It’s time to acknowledge that there will never be a better time. It’s time to feel excited about life and excavate the parts of you that have been hiding for too long. The fun parts. The passionate parts. The creative parts. The parts that don’t have all the answers. Dig them out and get out of their way.

If personal pleasure, harmony, and connection are not enough, there is cold hard cash, saving lives and institutional productivity to relish. Measurable attributes include workplace satisfaction, employee retention, effective team function and a mutual sense of accomplishment. For so many, going to work every day is a necessity that expands into most waking hours and without shared vision and inspired intention it is a marvelous waste of time. To numb, push through, persevere or actively disengage means you are missing collaborative learning experiences with your team, memory-making moments and the preciousness of life itself. What happens next may surprise you. It’s almost guaranteed to surprise you! As I return from my inner discourse to our healthcare conversation (shared earlier with you here), I am sharply reminded that ROI increases when employees engage, actively participate and deeply care about organizational success. We also know that patient's lives are saved by caregivers who remain enthusiastic and committed to their work.

The EWC membership is opening soon and the focus for winter season (starting January 2023) will be on fresh perspectives that expand our mindset and deepen our resilience through grounded practices for energy renewal that will serve even the busiest professional women. Together, grounded in robust resources, we live more abundant and joy-filled lives in our workplace, our homes and in connection with the people we love.

For this event ONLY, we are offering a complimentary ticket so you can learn about the EWC and all the ways that our Circle may help you replenish your energy and find your joy.

Get your ticket here: The EWC Winter Well-being Circle for Woman Savour & Celebrate: A seasonal way to manage energy not time Thursday December 15, 2022 @6:30pmCT/7:30pmET Click here to learn more!

Reclaiming your life starts with one simple decision – to know you need it - to know you’re worth it and to believe that peace, joy and love are not just around the corner they are right under your nose.


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