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Celebration is worth your time—and I have proof!

We’re so excited to host the first ever EWC Winter Well-being Circle for Women! We’ve talked about savouring and celebrating before and we know that they are practices that take a back seat to our busy lives. This is especially true during the holiday season when we get busy traveling, cooking massive meals, and shopping for that perfect gift. This hasn’t been a normal year, so it’s important that we take stock of where we’ve been so that we can enter the new year with renewed energy! This season, on the tail end of the pandemic, it’s crucial that we celebrate the year - including all the big AND small accomplishments.

Ultimately, there is proof that celebration has positive benefits for stress, happiness, collegiality, trust, loyalty and productivity. I have outlined more details below with some worthwhile reading links if this is an area of growth for you (as it is for me:) Just like the many benefits associated with savouring, there are also superb reasons we should be celebrating in our personal lives & in the workplace! (Summarized from The Science of Celebration by Erin Wildermuth)

  1. Celebration reduces stress - "feel good" hormones replace & reduce cortisol levels (aka the primary stress & inflammation hormone). "The deeper benefits of stress reduction are well documented and include improved cognitive performance, better physical health, and reduced workplace burnout."

  2. Celebration releases happiness - "When we celebrate something, anything, the brain responds with a flurry of chemical activity. Cortisol and other stress-related neurotransmitters are replaced by feel-good hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins." (Ref)

  3. Celebration strengthens teams - "Social bonds are the bedrock of teamwork. When you get your team together in a positive environment, you build and solidify these bonds."

  4. Celebration builds loyalty - "Celebrating the personal achievements of employees, whether they be birthdays, work anniversaries, or project-related, is tangible evidence that a company values its employees and sees them as people worthy of celebration."

  5. Celebration improves productivity - "The end result of an organizational culture of celebration is increased productivity. Happy, healthy people with strong social bonds work together well. People who share in the joy of success are more motivated to achieve that success. Celebrating small wins inspires people to conquer all the obstacles between themselves and the big wins."

Would you be interested in some fresh perspectives that expand your mindset and deepen your resilience? Together this winter, the EWC membership will be experimenting with some new, grounded practices for energy renewal that will serve even the busiest of professional women.

Celebrating is a vital part of renewing your energy, so join us next week for a Circle that promises to fill up your cup - open to ALL women - and it’s FREE!

Get a taste of what the EWC can do for you by registering for: The EWC Winter Well-being Circle for Women Savour & Celebrate: A seasonal way to manage energy not time Thursday December 15, 2022 @6:30pmCT/7:30pmET Click here to learn more!

For this event ONLY, we are offering a complimentary ticket so you can learn about the EWC and all the ways that our Circle may help you replenish your energy and find more joy.


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