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Life has been loud lately

Women have many different roles with distinct responsibilities throughout their lifetime, sometimes simultaneously.

We're mothers, wives, busy professional women, entrepreneurs...the list goes on. We carry all these spinning plates and are pressured (by others & ourselves) to keep balance and not drop any.

COVID-19 halted lives globally, added an extra layer of stress to women’s lives and the impact is becoming more visible.

In a recent study by McKinsey&Company women reported feeling more pressure, burned out and exhausted at work. The disproportionate effect on women’s emotional health and well-being cannot be understated—studies have reported increased levels of loneliness, depression and anxiety among women in the United States.

We’ve been alive, but not living as fully as we know we could.

Life has been loud lately, drowning out desires and keeping us focused on treading water.

Somewhere in this precious life is an invitation to re-connect with ourselves.

Women’s circles can:

  • be safe psychological spaces

  • allow you to be heard & understood

  • help you feel connected to yourself & others

  • offer fresh perspective & honesty

  • help reduce stress

We invite you to join us for...

Empowered Women’s Circle Community Experience

Spring Rituals of Replenishment

Thursday April 28, 2022 @6:30pmCT/7:30pmET

Explore pleasure & the five senses

as a way to open up, connect with the pulse of life,

and exhale into a sensual summer.


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