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I'm starting this year slowly

I hope you had a wonderful and restful holiday season and I'm so thankful to be able to welcome you to the new year! Wishing you health, happiness and wild success (whatever that looks like for you) in 2023! I spent the past couple weeks on vacation with my wonderful family and, as with most times when we give our brain a break, many new ideas emerged. This year, I've avoided creating any heartfelt intentions or setting any specific goals because I'm not quite ready. Such things cannot be forced. I'm not sure why I'm not ready - usually January 1st is a day of massive uplift for me. It may be that the kids holidays were a full week later than usual and they've only just returned to school. It could be because I prioritized spending a little extra time with my parents while they were in town and loved every minute of our afternoon tea and mince meat tarts (and stimulating chats!). It could be because the moon which controls many earthly energies has not had its first "new moon" for 2023 - the new moon is when formative and creative energies are strongest. I don't follow Astrology (except for fun - and you probably already had me pegged as a perfectionist Virgo:) and the doctor in me sees everything through the lens of evidence. But I have learned, through research, reading and personal experience that only a small portion of the environment surrounding us (ie. matter) has been explained scientifically, leaving the rest to be described as "energy" because no one knows what to call it. So...when my body and mind are pushing on the breaks and reminding me that forcing is inefficient and frustrating, I listen. Slowly but surely, I can feel the creativity swirling within me and, maybe for the first time, I have complete faith that the fog will lift and clarity will crystalize WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT...stay tuned! What I do know, for sure, is that we have developed a stellar line up of topics for our 2023 EWC Winter Season (including experiential practices, worksheets and conversations to get us flowing into a great year....when the time is right). And the GREAT NEWS is that the doors are still open for registration! We are welcoming several brand new women into Circle this year and there is definitely a space at the table for you. Even if you, like me, aren't exactly sure what this year will bring - NOW is the time to surround yourself with a community ready to lock arms with you for the ride of your life!

“Women need to meet, talk, organize and lead so we can break down the walls and open the doors for everyone” – Melinda Gates

A few details:

  • We start THIS week Thursday January 19, 2023!

  • You’ll have immediate access to reflective conversations in our private virtual space - come hang out with us!

  • We meet twice per month and recordings are always provided for ease and convenience

  • We have a comfy cushion set aside in our living room just for you

  • We WILL have a life-changing winter season

Watch this video if you'd like to know more about what you can expect this season! All details and link to register (hurry to claim your spot - open until January 26, 2023). Here's to the best year of your life!


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