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One tiny marble

In this video, Jeremy expresses his faith in humanity to overcome challenges by working together.

"If we want to thrive and survive here in the future we MUST learn to come together, to collaborate, to take on the biggest challenges that face humanity."

- Jeremy Hansen


In my work with professional women, it is becoming clear that the big challenges of our time are, less and less, related to technical skill and expertise.

At a recent women's summit, it was identified that many industries are experiencing rapid progress with mechanization, computerization, and artificial intelligence. The areas of medicine, law, architecture, engineering and academia all benefit from the progress that has been made over the last few decades to expand access to information and the speed with which we acquire answers to important questions faced at home, at work and in the world.

When we are honest, we realize that humans have created advanced solutions to manage most, if not all, serious issues at home and abroad.

We have the technology to grow vast amounts of food that could eliminate starvation in areas devastated by food scarcity. We have the science to clean and divert water into areas that need hydration. The international space station is a living example of how water can be circulated in a sustainable way through technology. The provision of healthcare to isolated populations can be solved through remote access to telemedicine when people stop putting up obstacles that impede widespread use. Climate change solutions abound if only people start listening and become willing to take action. There are transportation solutions to deliver almost anything, anywhere, anytime. Just look outside on any given day and you will see an Amazon Prime logo smiling back at you. We are no longer isolated to our own little corner of the world, having developed techniques to communicate across vast distances and previously insurmountable language barriers. The world is connected by an intricate web of channels for distribution and communication.

If you, like me, believe that the world is broken and needs healing at this crucial time in history - What do you think are the real solutions?

It's not more technology. It's not wider communication channels. It's not more advanced technical skillsets or even knowledge acquisition.

The answer lies in conscious leadership and human connection.

The solution is for people to care about each other and to step up, speak up and realize no one else is coming.

We are all playing a part in global healing and each person's contribution is unique - including yours.

Coming together to generate creative, collaborative answers is the only way forward and whole-hearted leadership is needed to amass our actions.

The Empowered Women's Circle is one of those spaces where women lean-in to their scope of genius. Women are innately skilled at communication, connection, compassion and non-violent conflict resolution. Women embody a leadership style that builds strong relationships, enhanced team dynamics and open dialogue for problem solving. In our Circle women enable and empower each other to fully express their personal leadership style so that the world can benefit from each woman's brilliance. Through our curriculum and conversations, women create uplift for each other so that individually and collectively, we all contribute our highest potential during our precious, limited, time on this "one tiny marble". (Membership opens several times per year - watch for the next opportunity to join us here:


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