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I cannot NOT be me

What if we dared to stop trading authenticity for security?

As I reflect on the powerful insights and commitments made during Thursday night’s circle, a profound realization emerged – the cost of not being ourselves is simply too high. The evening evolved into a celebration of our inner wild women, driven by genuine desires and wisdom.

Acknowledging the Challenge:

Our discussion brought to light the protective nature of our "busy work," shielding us from the discomfort of pursuing our true aspirations. This fear is deeply rooted in the interplay of past experiences and the current state of our lives, intricately woven with our nervous system's unconscious perception of safety and danger.

The Science of Safety:

Our beliefs about what's possible for us are rooted in past experiences and influenced by the support, safety, and validation we received (or didn't) in childhood.

Neuroception, our unconscious safety radar, triggers survival responses like fight, flight, freeze, or fawn (people-pleasing and self-abandonment) when we perceive threats such as the fear of failure or judgment. In simpler terms, our nervous system holds memories, often outside our conscious awareness, storing them as energy and sensations in our body. By practicing somatic mindfulness and co-regulating together (skills we practice in our circle), new pathways are created, allowing for more accurate perceptions and updates to those unconscious beliefs.

Unveiling the Challenges: In Your Words:

In response to Catherine’s question, "What holds women back?" our circle reverberated with shared experiences:

  • Feeling the pressure to hold it all together, be selfless, and conform.

  • Constant second-guessing fueled by inner critics and family conditioning.

  • Balancing resourcefulness with a tendency to neglect personal well-being.

  • Struggling with imprints of "not enough-ness" ingrained in societal expectations.

  • Navigating cultural conditioning that discourages challenging authority.

Member Insights and Commitments:

After Catherine guided us through the wheel of wellness (the physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and relational aspects of life), we shared intentions and commitments, reflecting a deep understanding of personal needs. This showcased a collective journey toward balance, connection, and rediscovering joy.

Healing and Transformation:

Many resonated with shared struggles of holding back and overcoming a lifetime of 'never quite enough-ness.' We explored the emotional cost of being too busy, over-focusing on others, and the toll it takes on our fulfillment and purpose-fueled contributions.

The Ripple Effect:

We affirmed that the world awaits our unique contribution and the light only we can shine. It craves our awakening to the deeper truth of who we are. As one member aptly put it, "It's time to be ME!"

Do you feel that as deeply as I do? YES - it's time to be ME!!

Your Unique Commitments:

Commitments made during the session reflected a deep understanding of personal needs and a collective journey toward balance and joy:

  • Creating and submitting a book proposal.

  • Embracing movement at home through yoga or Qigong.

  • Prioritizing "ME ME ME," reconnecting with spirituality and physicality.

  • Seeking balance by intersecting passion and purpose.

  • Reclaiming time for self, focusing on social connections and having fun.

  • Restoring the connection to self and exploring personal desires.

The Journey Continues and you are invited to come along. The EWC membership is closed for the season but please stay in touch with us on LinkedIn or Instagram - our community is expanding and your fireside cushion awaits!


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