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Be BOLD and choose YOU!

This is my final holiday greeting so I've included a short end-of-year-exercise that I hope you will enjoy. It's inspired by my dear mentor, Claire Zammit PhD, Founder of the Institute for Women-Centered Coaching, Facilitation and Leadership. It's one that I do every single year as a way of reflecting on the time gone by, reminding myself of all that I accomplished and releasing anything that feels incomplete so that I can move into 2023 with closure, feeling fresh and renewed. If you don't have your own practice, I invite you to try this one. Honestly, I can't complete a year without doing it anymore.

"Embrace your memory-making moments -

memories are yours forever"

Savour the Past:

  1. What are you most proud of from this past year? What are some of your most meaningful experiences? (as time allows, go through each month of 2022 and reflect on something that you remember as significant in each month)

  2. Choose 1 or 2 of these meaningful experiences and acknowledge attributes about yourself that contributed to these experiences. (Celebrate & Share with family or friends, 1-2 of these attributes, characteristics or strengths - say them outloud!) "We cannot see the gift in what we resist" · With self-compassion and empathy · Stepping into compassionate self-responsibility · Knowing that if we avoid or isolate we cannot use these experiences for growth · Our power is in how we RESPOND to and USE the opportunities

  3. Did you have challenges or set-backs? What did you learn about yourself, others & life? (How can you see the GIFT, the OPPORTUNITY & harness the energy to strengthen your resolve?)

  4. What capacities did you cultivate? (These are capacities, skills & strengths that are YOURS to integrate and embody, and carry forward into future experiences if that serves you)

Why is closure so important to us? Because many times, the only thing holding women back from success on a massive scale is inside of them (it's been called the inner glass ceiling). When you acknowledge, integrate, embody and LIVE as the woman who ALREADY IS wildly successful and unapologetically bold - guess what? She gets what she wants! In 2023, EWC is going BIG and we still have room to bring you along for the wild ride! Like you, we want to make the world a better place and we know that together we are stronger, bolder and unstoppable. Turn your yearnings and desires into tangible, grounded and fully-aligned actions and decisions that will set you on course to achieve your goals, actualize your dreams and make your biggest contribution to a world that needs your gifts. Claim your space - say 'yes' to yourself and join us in Circle for 2023. FINAL DAY!! Register TODAY and receive ONE MONTH FREE (value of $49 USD). If you don't love it, you can cancel your membership anytime, no problem. A few details:

  • We start January 19, 2023 - details will follow along with some fun holiday cheer!

  • You’ll have immediate access to reflective conversations in our private virtual space - come hang out with us!

  • We meet twice per month and recordings are always provided for ease and convenience

  • We have a comfy cushion set aside in our living room just for you

  • We WILL have a life-changing winter season

All details and link to register: This year, I've chosen my word for the year a little early but it seems very word for 2023 is BOLD! What's yours? Health, happiness and prosperity from my family to yours


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