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Need more energy? Me too - here's how!

Happy holidays ! Do you need multiple trips to the grocery store to stock up for the holidays? Apparently, I do. I just returned from my third trip and each time I realize there is something essential that I forgot (yes, I bring a list but it's not working!). I hope I'm finally ready but I'm sure there will be another last minute trek before we have Christmas dinner on the table. Are you hosting this year? I am. Hosting dinner makes me think of all the years my Nana made dinner for our entire extended family. With Bing Crosby's White Christmas on the record player, we set the table, sipped mock-tails, played with the gifts Santa had delivered that morning and barely escaped disaster as our boy-cousins ran and wrestled frantically. Those were such amazing memories and wholesome traditions. Funny that I didn't even realize they were traditions until I was looking backward through the lens of time. This year, as I ask Siri to play that album and create my list of items for dinner prep, I am cognizant of the fact that I am cultivating traditions. My kids are 16, 16 and 18 years old this year and Devon is a senior in high school. These are the years they will look back on as the foundation for the things they hold dear about Christmas with family and friends. This year, one of my foundations will be to take care of myself so that I can be fully present in the moments. I've come to learn and accept that my role in my household is as the leader and planner of 'everything-family'. I can (and do) ask for help but everyone looks to me for the answers. And I usually have them. So, this year, one of the things I will trust, perhaps more deeply than any other year, is that only I know what is right for me. It may be a mid-afternoon hot chocolate or a cuddle in front of a Christmas classic. It may be a long 'girls-only' run around the lake. It may be an afternoon of journaling-solitude or a movie on Netflix. It may be a kale salad or a bowl of jalapeño kettle cooked chips. Doesn't really matter as long as I'm truly present to enjoy it. And, this year, I will be! Please accept this little gift of Rest & Renewal for YOURSELF as you enter into a holiday of hectic chaos or quiet serenity. Wherever you are, whatever you are up to - YOU DO YOU!

Rest & Renewal: It is important to re-fuel your body, mind and soul so that you can continue to experience the richness of life and contribute in ways that bring a sense of purpose and joy. Energy stores are drawn from all aspects of whole health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Each of these areas need challenge and stimulation as well as rest and recovery to function optimally. Just like your body needs exercise and whole foods, your mind needs problems to solve. But too much exercise without enough rest is a recipe for injury. And when you put in too many hours at work you may grow irritable and angry at the people you love. It's a balance between forcing yourself to go a little more and knowing when you've had enough. While it's true that time is finite, the ability to renew and replenish your energy in this way is infinite - find the special code for what YOU need and you will unlock a well-spring of energy flowing inside of you. Pretty cool, eh? Most of us have figured out how to do the pushing part but need encouragement to pull back and refuel. Here are a few simple questions that may help you recognize the energy balance that lives within you and release it this holiday season - just when you need it most! 1. What are some of the restful and renewing things you do for yourself? 2. How do you FEEL when you do these things? 3. How is life different with structured rest & renewal? If you are yearning for a more balanced 2023, join us for the upcoming winter season. Not sure what that looks like? We’ll help you figure it out (in fact, that's what we enjoy most - watching women become catalyzed by community). Claim your space beside the other amazing women who have already said "yes" to themselves and join us in Circle for 2023. BONUS EXTENDED - Register now through Friday and receive ONE MONTH FREE (value of $49USD). You can cancel your membership anytime, no questions asked. A few details:

  • We start January 19, 2023 - details will follow along with some fun holiday cheer!

  • You’ll have immediate access to reflective conversations in our private virtual space - come hang out with us!

  • We meet twice per month and recordings are always provided for ease and convenience

  • We have a comfy cushion set aside in our living room just for you

  • We WILL have a life-changing winter season

All details and link to register: Joy to the world!


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