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Become the woman you need to be

Last Thursday, the EWC hosted a Winter Well-being Circle focused on using celebration and savouring as a way to reclaim our time and renew our energy. It was an AMAZING and re-energizing experience, and there were some powerful insights that came out of the evening. The whole night was profound and I hope you'll let me share a little bit of that magic with you as you curl up with yourself today. Throughout the evening, we led the women through 3 experiences: savouring the past, the present and the future. The following is about savouring the future and it resonated deeply with many women. "Become the woman you need to be to have the things you desire to have"

When we allow ourselves to visualize and imagine something we desire or yearn for, we actually feel the same sensations (and our brain is living it!).

When we savour, we are able to connect with and orient to the future. It's about realizing that your "wants" are not as grounded as your deepest desires (or yearnings) – there's a difference that you can feel in your body. For example, many women tell me they want to lose weight but when I ask them specifically about the number on the scale, they acknowledge that their deeper yearning is to feel healthy, strong, (sexy!) and energized to accomplish their life goals. A lot of people say they want money in their bank account but, as we have seen many times, money without health, purpose or love is lonely, sad and empty. Below the "wanting" is a desire for contribution, connection and a sense of purpose. When we are intentional about savouring the future, our body and brain are able to "prepare" for it to come into our life. The conditions for our "becoming" are set in motion. Are you ready to be the woman you need to be in order to greet your future? Turn your yearnings and desires into tangible, grounded and fully-aligned actions and decisions that will set you on course to achieve your goals and actualize your dreams - whatever they may be (and, alongside our EWC members, we’ll even help you figure them out)! Claim your space beside the other amazing women who have already said "yes" to themselves and join us in Circle for 2023. To make it easier to say "yes" to yourself and our sisterhood, we are offering you a full month off of your EWC membership but this gift goes away Sunday at midnight so act fast! (value of $49USD and you can cancel your membership anytime). A few details:

  • We start January 19, 2023 - details will follow along with some fun holiday cheer!

  • You’ll have immediate access to reflective conversations in our private virtual space - come hang out with us!

  • We meet twice per month and recordings are always provided for ease and convenience

  • We have a comfy cushion set aside in our living room just for you

  • We WILL have a life-changing winter season

All details and link to register:


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