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Clarity and purpose

in turbulent times

An 8-week intensive to accelerate your path to replenishment, productivity and impact in the workplace.




This transformational program invites you to:

  • Expand your practices for mind-body health and wellbeing

  • Reclaim time, energy and life force for things that matter most

  • Shift your capacity to feel resourced, vital and resilient as you meet challenge and change

"We cannot become ourselves by ourselves."

-Dr. Claire Zammit PhD

This program is created by women, for women. Join us as we guide, coach and model processes and tools for personal growth in the safe and generative space of community.

Join Us

In this 8-week virtual coaching and learning program for women, you will:

  • Tap into your sense of purpose in order to overcome and transform workplace challenges into growth opportunities.

  • Gain clarity and build practices for getting ‘unstuck’ and stepping into purposeful action.

  • Increase your capacity and impact without the high cost of increased output, depletion and burnout.

  • Examine mindset, assumptions and beliefs that could be holding you back


Purpose & Growth Mindset 

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Resilience & Work-life Balance

  • Get off the goal setting treadmill of ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ and connect with a more meaningful sense of direction and fulfillment.

  • Replenish, restore and build resilience with small but mighty practices for managing your energy not your time.

  • Build capacity to understand your interior relationship to your work, life and relationships so that you can accelerate change in your external circumstances.

  • Look consciously at the systems you are operating in and make intentional choices about how you show up and have impact.

  • Move beyond “I’m alone” to asking for and building systems for support as a power move.

  • Use your discretionary power to lead and influence in a way that feels in alignment with who you are and what you value.

  • Learn practical tools and strategies you can use to sustain your personal growth and model and share with others.

  • Discover, practice, amplify and co-create in a community of open and supportive professional women committed to growth and uplift.

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Leadership & Lasting Impact

The last few years have been unlike any other.

We are no doubt in turbulent times of volatility, uncertainty and change. 
Old systems are breaking down. Go-to, tried and true strategies are no longer working. ‘Making it through another day’ hasn’t brought us any closer to what we are yearning for.

This is the perfect time for advancement. LET'S BEGIN!

Enrollment is limited to ensure optimum outcomes for all participants.

Our Journey Starts May 4, 2023

Throughout your 8-week journey you will cultivate an expanded and embodied capacity for resilience. We will invite you to build on your innate gifts and core strengths while adopting a growth mindset in order to transform challenges and accelerate the change you wish to see. We will share new models for meeting and coming together with purpose, in community with other women, to have conversations that matter.

Your 8-Week Journey




Be Brilliant and Choose Growth

  • Explore the unexpected attributes that form the foundation for resilience, resourcefulness and replenishment

  • Identify what is most important for you now and begin your unique blueprint for growth 

  • Shift easefully from fixed to growth mindset to support you in stepping more fully into your potential

  • Experience the foundational ingredients for creating inclusive, collaborative and generative meeting environment

Beyond Schedules

  • Feel less victimized by external circumstance and win-lose thinking

  • Avoid 3 mistakes that keep professional women overwhelmed and exhausted

  • Cultivate a daily practice for managing overwork and overwhelm

  • Flip the script on goal-setting - manage your goals vs. goals managing you

  • Be pulled forward by strengths and vision vs. pushed and depleted by  ‘not enough’







Changing the Leadership Conversation

  • Explore the impact of traditional leadership models on wellbeing and how we show up in team and community

  • Be inspired by the potential impact of ‘feminine leadership attributes’ and the contribution you can make towards human-centered leadership whether or not you hold an official leadership position

  • Understand the foundation for creating spaces in which we can presence more fully, invite new perspectives and open to greater innovation, creativity and problem solving

  • Identify simple action steps you can take to utilize your unique feminine attributes in service of yourself and others

Grit and the Power of Purpose

Most of us are already good at ‘perseverance’ and familiar with the exertion and expense of ‘pushing through’.

  • Discover 2 missing ingredients that can elevate perseverance to high performance

  • Understand the recipe for “meaningful’ success vs. ‘empty’ success

  • Demystify purpose and how to find it

  • Use challenges as a catalyst for growth

  • Access sources of energy and untapped potential that you may not have leaned into yet

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Finding Fuel & Fulfillment

Leverage the connection between character strengths and wellbeing as you:

  • Deepen your understanding of your unique combination of top 5 strengths

  • Experience how these traits are received and impactful to others

  • Understand how you can create or tailor your work environment to build on your character strengths

  • Learn how to use your top 5 to cultivate a greater sense of well being and fulfillment no matter what job you are in

Rewire Your Inner Story

Stress is generated through underlying negative thought habits and patterns. Learn how your mind may be limiting you.

  • Identify, expose and weaken invisible, sabotaging thoughts masquerading as wisdom

  • Intentionally activate your capacity to override habits, beliefs and assumptions of the mind

  • Understand your behaviour in challenging situations

  • Defeat the false beliefs and stories stopping you from reaching your true potential in your career, relationships and personal fulfillment




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Reclaim Your Life Force

How are you doing all that you wish to do in the world? How are you maintaining the energy for this? What’s your process for fuelling your actions and decisions?

  • Learn the success equation for “full engagement”

  • Become aware of the ways you deplete your energy physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and understand the somatic signposts

  • Understand mind-body integration and the importance of not skipping over your body’s messages

  • Discover new ways to balance energy expenditure with intermittent energy renewal

Amplify and Fly

Nothing fuels self-confidence and a sense of belonging more radically than being present for ourselves and others with authentic, meaningful, heartfelt acknowledgement and amplification. We will model powerful processes to:

  • Inspire ourselves and others into confidence, receptivity, openness, expansion, possibility and connection

  • Create psychological safety and bring out the best in your teams

  • Establish the culture needed to sharpen creativity, problem solving, innovative thinking and collaboration

  • Quickly shift and impact team process and productivity




Join the Experience

  • We begin Thursday May 4, 2023,12:30 to 2:00 pm Eastern

  • We meet every Thursday through to Thursday June 22, 2023 from 12:30 to 2:00 pm

  • New material and downloadable content will be released weekly


Your Investment

$1249 CAD (pay in full, best value - save $236) or

3 payments of $495 CAD

Enrollment is limited to ensure optimum outcomes

for all participants

Your Facilitators

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Catherine Hansen, MD

Dr. Catherine Hansen is the founder of Empowered Women’s Circle, a board certified OB/GYN & menopause practitioner, coach, facilitator and speaker with over 20 years of experience, guiding women to re-align, re-center, expand into a fuller sense of wellness & vitality and reclaim their one precious life.

Milisa Burns

A former lawyer, award winning, certified coach and facilitator, Milisa uses a fusion of evidence-based Positive Psychology, Positive Intelligence and Feminine Power Transformational Coaching to support professional women to replenish and connect with their purpose so that they can ‘be the change’ they yearn to see in the world.

Barb edited_edited.jpg

Barbara Frensel

Development consultant, facilitator, entrepreneur, Barbara has worked for over 2 decades supporting teams and organizations in the areas of leadership, learning & development and culture change. She is collaborating with EWC to leverage circles as a powerful platform to positively impact the growth, success and influence of women in business.

Lisa Burchartz.png

Lisa Burchartz

Somatic Stress Release™ Practitioner, Mindfulness Guide, and Executive Coach, Lisa focuses on self-reconnection, nervous system empowerment and burnout recovery. She helps professional women transform their relationship with stress through holistic practices for body, mind, and heart. With over 20 years of experience in senior leadership roles, Lisa knows how 24/7 "always on" culture keeps many high-performing women overwhelmed and exhausted.

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