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Your yearnings are evidence of what's possible for you

When my children were small, I would help them differentiate between wants and needs. It felt more like I was in parenting and less like I was giving in to their multiple requests for "stuff". Do you "want" that or do you "need" it? I know it helped them to see their privileged world differently. Today, as young adults, they will delineate that line even before they express their desire. It’s refreshing to hear the gratitude in their needs and the humility in their wants. It helps for people to acknowledge that, in our corner of the world, needs are few and wants are many. And, yet, just around the corner it’s the opposite. Often this will guide the ways we feel led to give back, to share resources and to step into service. After our space is warmed with introductions and shared commitments, we begin each EWC season and every retreat with a vision and intention setting practice. Each time, without fail, I am in awe of the yearnings that surface. I am inspired by the depth of those desires and the knowing that, as each woman actualizes her dreams, the ripple effect into her life will be limitless. A woman who senses into her purpose (big or small; transient or lasting) becomes a beacon for those around her. She becomes the light to lead the way for her family, her teams, her work and the world. Then, without fail, I am taken aback by the ways women shut those yearnings down. It’s not the right time; I don’t have creative space; I don’t have the money; I’m too old; my family can’t manage; I’m too busy; my workplace relies on me; it can wait. But can it wait? How long do you have? Sometimes I visualize each woman’s deepest yearnings as an energetic thread woven into the world and, as the tapestry grows, I’m sad to know that many women hold back their beauty. Why do we do that? Historically, women have been told and taught that they don’t matter. We’ve been treated "less than" or useful for certain things. Even in present day professional circles, men are still valued and paid more than women for the same contribution. A recent study of female surgeons broke down some of the conscious and unconscious biases that lead to this gap. Many women care too deeply to release all their domestic responsibilities and, in many situations, are fulfilled, natural and well suited to these caring, compassionate roles. When we are honest with each other, we know that these innate traits are essential at home AND at work. We are good at many things. We love many things. We just can’t keep doing all the things and expect to find and live our purpose. It’s not sustainable and certainly not the serenity we aspire to have. For centuries, Indigenous elders have been teaching about finding and using purpose as a guiding light for life. For several years, Jeremy has been led to seek teaching from Indigenous elders and knowledge keepers as part of his personal and spiritual growth. He has been blessed to share time at the Turtle Lodge with the family and ancestors of Dr. David Courchene. Jeremy's experiences, while personal, ripple into all his family and work relationships. If you feel inclined, please enjoy this 4:24m video by Dr. David Courchene.

"When you have a vision, it's much easier to find that spirit of determination....It's been my experience in my life that our Great Creator, Spirit, would never give us a dream or a vision without providing all that we need to bring fulfillment to that dream."

- David Courchene,

All spiritual disciplines have drawn from a version of this traditional knowledge and wisdom.

What you yearn for is real. Your desires are evidence of what is possible. Your longings are the seeds of your potential. What is meant for you is already yours.

When you feel this bubbling up from the depths of your being, your only job is to let it rise. To allow the effervescence. To be with it. To let this passion permeate into every cell of your body, awaken every axon, settle into the seat of your soul. Learn to integrate and embody the woman you are becoming as part of the potential that is emerging from within.

All you need to do is allow you to be you.


What's happening at EWC

Last week I shared that women like Ambassador Kirsten Hillman (read the blog here) inspire me to, more widely, share the message of women's empowerment - not just for us but for the world who needs us to be courageous, confident and claim our space. I mentioned that I can't wait to share more - here's a taste of what's in season: In our last evening session we catalyzed emergent possibilities within each of our members and lively conversations continue to provide clarity in our private chat space... Just like the women in our Circle - your heart is calling, your purpose is palpable, your dreams and desires are rising strong! Your deepest yearnings are evidence of what is possible for you. Should you decide to join us, you will receive guidance and an exclusive EWC worksheet that will serve as a place to sketch, craft and clarify your innermost intentions. Over the summer, supported by a powerful sisterhood, you will have time, space and community to hear the whispers of your soul. On June 8, 2023 at 5:30pmMT/6:30pmCT/7:30pmET (yes, we have women from all of these timezones:) our virtual summer patio opens to EWC members and, together, we will discover how this stage and phase of life is especially igniting of these potentials – don't miss this session:

"Midlife as a wake up call" • It’s time to do things differently—what does that mean to you? • If not now, when? • Filters off—living unapologetically (what’s holding you back?)


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