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Why a Medical Doctor for EWC?

Our mission at The Empowered Women's Circle is to unleash the full potential of women in the workforce and the world.

After decades of working with women on important concerns about physical health, I started to notice the excitement and expansion they felt when fatigue dissipated and energy started to return. I know that feeling well!

Midlife and menopause can bring on all kinds of crazy symptoms - not just hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia but also migraines, muscle aches, mood swings and unrelenting anxiety. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? If so, you are not alone - me too!

Add to these medical concerns, all the stressors that women face at this age and stage of life - like sending kids to College, ailing parents, career progression and marital discord (or just plain emptiness and boredom).

Women deal with SO MUCH! And the good news is that there ARE answers. You don't need to suffer and you are NOT crazy!

Nothing fills me up more than a woman who enters the office feeling shaken and unsteady and leaves with solid answers and renewed hope. That is why I love what I do!

And there is another step beyond the healing - once the fog lifts and clarity begins to crystalize, there is a sense of space and expansion.

Every woman has a different journey but the path toward health, happiness and fulfillment is paved by knowledge, self-kindness and inner confidence.

The Empowered Women's Circle provides care and compassion but it also provides credible content, coaching and curriculum. We have a process to guide your steps. We believe that each woman knows what she needs.

You are your own teacher and the lessons of life become so much richer when you reflect on them from inside the nurturing space of a sisterhood.

Last week EWC held our annual Visioning the New Year Event - we gathered together as a community of women yearning for a different way to experience life.

We engaged in powerful practices for clarity, alignment, and commitment to what truly matters, supported by community uplift.

A heartfelt blog, written by Lisa Burchartz, has been posted here: Not Your Typical Vision Board

Our annual visioning event was an evening full of rejuvenation, reawakening, and reseting the soul for what brilliance is to come in 2024 - Let's continue this journey of empowerment and transformation together.

***Registration closes Thursday January 25th and will remain closed until spring.

I can't wait to be with you this Thursday - I'll be sharing my 2024 intentions and look forward to hearing yours!


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