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Tune into your personal radio frequency

One of our community mottos is:

The Empowered Women's Circle is not something more to do but,

instead, a way to do things differently.

How do you do things differently? With more intention, self-love, and support!

Intention is about BEING (whereas Goals are about DOING).

An intention is born of yearning to BE …. To be experiencing life on YOUR be living from the depths of your soul.

An intention is essentially a frequency… like dialing up an old-fashioned radio, and "tuning in to the strongest pull". Once you find that frequency you can dance like no one is watching - I know I do!

An intention has clarity and commitment - it’s much more than wishful hoping. Out of a rich intention your inspired actions will blossom from those deep roots within your core. An intention is not fixed in time and space. This is harder to "get" because we’re so used to only valuing what we can see. But we can FEEL the intention via the desire, the yearning and the pull in a particular direction. Intention setting is part of an energetic dance with yourself - it's a co-creation with "Life" (God or Divinity or other familiar words you may use to describe your Higher Power). It’s knowing how to listen to the intelligence of life that is bigger than we are. It's having faith that life is happening for you, not to you. It’s great practice to set a small intention for your day or tomorrow’s business meeting or even the next conversation you plan to have with your partner or kids. Just 'check in' with yourself and ask, "What do I intend for this (, meeting, conversation) and what would I like to receive from it?" Then pause and consider what arises in your thoughts and feelings. I recommended writing your intention down and putting it somewhere you can see it - or sharing it with a friend!


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