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The White House visit highlights

The White House at Christmas

A visit to the White House takes months to pull together but only days to plan inciting a whirlwind of last minute flights and historical handshakes.


The assignment of the Artemis II mission, sending humans back to the moon and beyond, has catalyzed conversations and deepened connections between Canadian, U.S. and International partners in ways that only an undertaking of this magnitude can.


Our trip to Washington, D.C. was marked by several exciting key highlights.


From a gentle reminder by the Vice President that she has Canadian roots to a series of deeply personal, moving stories by President Biden as we stood in the Oval Office, this visit will be one I will always remember.

Our private tour was cloaked in mystery and history as we were hustled from quiet rooms to bustling hallways, learned about the buildings, the people and observed life as if we were on a movie set of the “West Wing” (one of our all-time favorites). We even ran into Mariah Carey touring with her children!


Christmas in the White House is a time of antiquity and beauty with décor of the past, present and future.

Others have shared their perspectives of this historical experience in these articles and clips that follow the experiences of the Artemis II Crew – enjoy!

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While I could never share all of Jeremy's interviews and clips (he has logged almost 150 interviews since the assignment of the Artemis II Crew on April 3, 2023), this one is particularly special....

On Wednesday Dec 20, 2023, Col. Jeremy Hansen gave the opening remarks for the National Space Council and introduced Vice President Harris in her role as Chair of the NSC. This meeting brought together 33 country embassadors to discuss the Artemis Accords, the principles for a safe, sustainable and collaborative future in space. The global perspective, expansive conversations, importance of these Accords to world peace and Jeremy's invitation to participate will rank as one my most proud moments to date. I'm sure there will be many more! For now, enjoy his 4 minute speech.

At the Empowered Women's Circle, we gather regularly to discuss the ways we EACH make our highest contribution in a world that needs our unique genius, beauty and brilliance. For me, this involves being in support of my partner in ways that enable him to do this important work for humanity. Despite his crushing training flow and unprecedented travel commitments, Jeremy and I spend every morning connecting over conversation that frequently includes leadership and the values and vision that make great leaders, great.

We both believe, strongly, that safe, sacred places like the Empowered Women's Circle are the wind beneath the wings of women, creating uplift for all the people women touch and support in our many roles. In 2024, we invite you to share in our uplift so that, together, we rise.


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