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Foundation of Unity

Updated: 7 days ago

As Jeremy Hansen and the Canadian Space Agency unveiled Jeremy's Artemis II Mission patch, we are all reminded of the foundation of unity through the Seven Sacred Laws.

These Seven Sacred Laws, taught through traditional Indigenous teachings, are connected to the Greek goddess Artemis as her bow sends astronauts toward the feminine love of Grandmother Moon - all brought to life by artist Henry Guimond.

It was a monumental moment for Jeremy to unveil this patch with Henry and Dave Courchene III, two of the many generous men and women who have helped Jeremy learn, integrate and understand more about Indigenous wisdom and culture.

Over many years and with this vibrant image, Jeremy has been offered advice about "how to walk to represent humanity" on this Moon Mission and in life.

We have deep gratitude for these men, the Turtle Lodge, and all the people willing to share their gifts, knowledge and wisdom for Jeremy as he prepares for a mission to represent all Canadians and the whole of humankind.


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