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Simple ways to be well in body, mind & soul

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

As a physician with 20+ years working with midlife women, I’ve expanded my work beyond the offices walls to help women realize that the latter two are just as important. I have seen they are in search of more than a prescription. Yes, they want to manage their menopause symptoms, but also want tangible lifestyle changes to help them work towards being happy, healthy & fulfilled.

We are more than a body – we are also a mind and soul.

If there is one thing that takes life from busy and chaotic to peaceful and joy-filled, it's the integration of a daily wellness practice for your body, mind and soul. They should be simple, easy and enjoyable. It's your daily "reset." The key is to pick wellness practices that are simple to do and that you actually enjoy doing. This will make it so much easier to integrate into your busy life and be consistent with.

If you hate running, don't commit to 3 mile daily runs.

If you find cooking with your mom stressful, find a different habit to feed your soul.

If your a newbie to meditation or yoga, don't start with 1 hour sessions.

There is power in setting aside 30, 10, or even 5 minutes daily for your body, mind and soul. Here are a few examples of things you can do:


  • Go on a 10 minute walk with your dog or go for a bike ride

  • Add some veggies to your dinner

  • Put your phone on silent 10 minutes before bed


  • Read a chapter of a book as a way to wind down before bed

  • Meditate or do yoga for 5 minutes in between work calls

  • Declutter your desk


  • Write down 1 thing your grateful for

  • Spend time in nature and get fresh air

  • Practice self-compassion

The importance of daily self-care cannot be understated. These ‘treatments’ are not just for lipid counts or blood pressure, they are a pathway to bring happiness into all aspects of life. Daily wellness practices are a prescription for renewed direction and purpose. A structured daily practice for body, mind and soul will help create space for you in your busy life – make it part of your daily routine and it will fertilize your garden in unimaginable ways!


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