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Let yourself FEEL

“Most of our suffering comes from resisting what is already here, particularly our feelings. All any feeling wants is to be welcomed, touched, allowed; it wants attention, it wants kindness.” - Geneen Roth

This quote, introduced by EWC co-facilitator Milisa Burns, stuck a cord with me during the first session of the EWC Winter Season this past Thursday (scroll down to learn more - there's still time and space for you to join us!). Author Geneen Roth says that if we treated our feelings the way we treat our children or dear pets, we'd feel like we were in heaven everyday. It's a type of self-acceptance that only we can offer to ourselves. Milisa encourages us to think about this as self-kindness. Have you ever found yourself alone with your thoughts and scared of the yearnings bubbling inside of you? I have. This is fear taking hold and keeping you from lingering too long on those gut desires - thereby pushing them down and out of your life. Not sure what I mean? Here are some examples:

  • While scrolling the internet for new job postings, you come across a position that that sounds like your DREAM job. You feel the excitement in your stomach, but quickly shake it off and tell yourself you're unqualified or it would be too hard to fit the hours into your life - and you move on.

  • Sitting in traffic on the way home, you reflect on a miscommunication between you and your partner that morning. Navigating menopause hasn't been easy and you yearn for reconnection with them. You tell yourself you'll figure it out on your own and numb the feelings with tasks for dinner prep.

  • True story - after we lost out home to Hurricane Harvey in 2017, I yearned for a new home in the country but told myself it was impossible. It took a lot of coaching and inner work to allow myself to FEEL the deep desire of having a beautiful new place for my family. I dreamt of a bright, spacious place to continue raising our children, even as we sat amid the devastating destruction. This Thursday, I will share more about this very personal story in all its heart-breaking and miracle-making detail - join us! (details below)

Give yourself permission to really FEEL your longings. You may notice a need to contract or constrict or you may fear not having or being good enough to bring these things into your reality - just release and let yourself FEEL. Don't worry about the "how"! What comes up for you when you open your heart to your own deepest desires in this way? Feel free to reply to this email if you want to share with me!

This is what we're up to in the Empowered Women's Circle. If you have a yearning, desire or can't quite pinpoint what that feeling is that persists inside of you - then you have come to the right place in Circle with us. We will help you unpack it and then, encircled by our sisterhood, bring it into your life for good!

"The Empowered Women Circle has become a safe place where I can turn dreams into reality. I have been given a toolbox that gives me the freedom to accomplish visions I never thought possible. Every time I uncover a vision of what I deeply desire, the Circle of support walks with me until it becomes reality. I have gone through the visioning process three times and I have found success each time. The wellness practices and the accountability embedded into the Circle ensure the changes are permanent and life changing."

- Malin LaPlace, EWC member

HURRY - Registration closes January 26th and we ONLY have room for 3 more women.

A few details:

  • Our next session is Thursday January 26, 2023!

  • You’ll have immediate access to reflective conversations in our private virtual space - come hang out with us!

  • We meet twice per month and recordings are always provided

  • We have a comfy cushion set aside in our living room just for you

  • We WILL have a life-changing winter season

All details and link to register: Have a great weekend and remember to let yourself feel ALL the feelings!


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