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It's time to listen inwards

Working with 'awakening' women for many years (through my various workshops, speaking engagements, and The Empowered Women's Circle), it has become obvious that we can’t just nurture ourselves into our power. We can’t take a spa day or extra long walk and expect to show up differently in our lives. There are parts of our ‘old story’ that are so embedded in our body that they exist at a cellular level. Women can spend months or years in psychotherapy, talk through all their problems and never find a way to shift out of old habits.

There is no way to talk ourselves into authentic confidence.

Positive thoughts are nice but they are just that, thoughts, not ways of ‘being’ or a new identity. Law of Attraction or ‘thoughts become things’ make the assumption that the energy we extend into the Universe will magnetize our dreams into our lives but those concepts, while valuable, don’t explain the mechanism.

A future vision becomes our reality when we embody a new sense of self and integrate, into our very soul, the knowledge and understanding that we are everything we need to be.

You are whole.

You are worthy.

You are enough.

You can’t get there from a therapy couch or a prescription bottle or even a glass of wine (as much as I’d like to think you can).

You can’t get there by forcing the emotions into submission, failing to acknowledge that they’re there or laughing to disguise the pain.

In fact, some of us don’t even know the wound exists because we stay so busy proving our worth in the outside world that we forget there’s an inner self that informs and guides every step of our life.

Learning to listen and lay bare our soul is not just the important work of our time; It’s the missing piece of the puzzle that will awaken humanity and elevate women to their rightful place as leaders and trail blazers in a world that needs our love. If it’s so important, why aren’t more women doing it? If it’s the answer to humanity’s pain, why aren’t we all signing up? Simply put, many of us are content to stay where we are because learning to listen inward creates angst and discomfort that we’d rather not feel. It’s easier to blame someone or something for our troubles or pretend they’re not there. We are all a collection of our experiences, some known and some best forgotten. From the time we were little, we were integrating signals from the people around us and using those messages to inform our sense of self. Even those who had the very best childhoods made meaning of external messages long before maturity could filter the ones that didn’t serve us. When babies make eye contact, they are searching for a response, "does she love me?", "does he think I’m cute?". Young girls are more apt to perform in order to impress and when we tell them we are too busy it means, to them, they’re not important. Adult women may go to great lengths to change their appearance or mutilate their body if they think it’s going to make them prettier or happier or worthy of greater respect and affection. It’s got to stop! Measuring our worth by someone else’s interpretation of our body, our beauty or our IQ is still a measurement that leaves us out of the equation. How do you feel about YOU? And not just on a conscious level when you look in the mirror, but deeply embedded inside your fascia. Who do you believe yourself to be at the level of identity?

Next week, I'll share an exercise with you that will guide you to find the most beautiful and truest answers (that are already inside you) to these questions. Until then, remember that you are enough, just as you are.


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