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How The Empowered Women's Circle can help you be that powerful woman

"You are loved". "You are worthy". "You are safe". "You are enough". If you did the personal guided practice I shared with you a few weekends ago, this is the deeper truth I hope you realized about yourself. Do the practice again if you need to. Despite all the pressures and presumptions that have been placed on us as women since childhood - your deeper truth is that you have all you need, right here, right now, to be the happiest, most fulfilled and most powerful version of yourself. You already are. After you do the practice, share those insights in your journal. When these words deeply resonate in your body and you can, literally, FEEL their truth, they become your POWER STATEMENT. Write it down and post it as a reminder of your strength and your courage. You are strong. You are capable. You have resources. You are enough. You’ve just witnessed a part of you that was yearning to be seen and heard and by doing so, you have transformed an old story into a powerful new identity. Sit with your new identity and speak, aloud, your power statement. Draw it in with your breath. Deep inhale. It’s the new you. The real you. Learning to listen inwards and recognizing the truth about yourself is not just the important work of our time; It’s the missing piece of the puzzle that will awaken humanity and elevate women to their rightful place as leaders and trail blazers in a world that needs our love. But, you’re not done yet. The next step is to determine how to act in alignment with your new identity. How would a woman who is happy, fulfilled, worthy and loved, BE in the world? How would she walk? How would she talk? How would she respond to others around her? How would she interpret the world? These are the decisions and actions that integrate and embed this new sense of self. Take action today and each day this week to BE this powerful woman who knows her worth, celebrates her authentic beauty, shares her gifts, laughs at her mistakes and bounces when she falls. We are not seeking perfection, just progress toward a life of genuine alignment between the outward expression of your personality with the inner wisdom of your soul. Not just because it feels harmonious but because it’s the way we rise in a world that needs our greatness. A woman, aligned with her innate power, is truly unstoppable! Go be that woman!

And if you need support in embracing that powerful woman, I invite you to join me in the Empowered Women’s Circle this Fall. This coaching & learning community is dedicated to supporting women on their journey to strengthen & transform personal and professional well-being, so that they can rise into, and show up in the world as the best version of themselves. The Empowered Women's Circle has been designed with care and expertise to be the ideal "container" for women to grow into their potential more quickly, with more ease and joy along the way.

Join us for The upcoming Fall Speaker Series to hear from women who have experienced challenges in their own sphere and the ways they have developed solutions to help them thrive. Some of those solutions may be game-changing for you (or you may bring some of your own that deeply impact another woman in Circle). That’s why it’s a Circle - a never-ending ring of support and strength. This exercise is based on work by Dr. Claire Zammit, Founder of Feminine Power


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