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Find your libido, your partner will thank you!

We've talked a lot about Susan in the past few weeks—she's a 56 year old professional woman experiencing various menopause symptoms, including a decrease in libido which is wreaking havoc on her relationship with her husband. If Susan were a patient visiting my office, I would want to know if she still finds her husband attractive and what she loves about him. Does she feel sexy in her own skin? Is it enjoyable to have sex when they are alone, the dishwasher is empty, the groceries are stocked, the kids are away at school and there are no office deadlines to meet?

Many women enter sexual playtime from a neutral sexual drive, but a strong motivation for intimacy, closeness and commitment and can genuinely view sex as an expression of love with their partner. We will review her sexual “payoff.” For some, climax is important. For others, pleasure comes from simply feeling relaxed and connected after a long day. Susan will be given homework and her capacity to locate her lost libido will be in direct proportion to the time and energy she devotes to the quest. Along with her husband, she will be asked to schedule couple time, explore each other’s bodies and challenge some long-standing, pre-conceived expectations for their sexuality. This is an amazing opportunity for her self-development that will flow into all aspects of her marriage and her life. The journey will not be quick nor easy. But just imagine what this “new” intimacy will do for the quality and longevity of their relationship. At this point, you may be asking yourself: Why have I spent so much time on Susan? Why this one case? Well, because, Susan isn't just one case. She is the embodiment of so many women experiencing menopause. You may see her as a neighbor, a sister, a friend—Susan may even be you!

You should know that you are not alone—over 6000 women enter menopause daily in the U.S. Many women spend the second half of their life feeling like Susan—now is the time to take action so you can get back to feeling healthy, vibrant and alive. If you need help managing your menopause symptoms and feel overwhelmed in this phase of life, join the waitlist for Meaningful Menopause—coming to virtually to you this fall!


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